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Anthropologie fiction 1Fictions is the newest addition to Anthropologie’s private brand fragrance assortment. Combining the arts of perfumery, storytelling, and illustration, the exclusive fragrance created by Tru Fragrance & Beauty debuts in August with three scents: PARIS: SHE MET HIM IN SECRET; LONDON. SHE KNEW HE WAS FOR-EVER, and L.A. SHE CALLED BUT HE WAS UNREACHABLE.
Fictions asked remarkable creatives to conjure the scent and story of a woman in love. Intriguing, collectible and eminently wearable, our first editions are set in the iconic cities of Paris, London and Los Angeles. Each is a journey of the senses, inspired by a breadth of emotions – unauthorized, unconditional and unrequited.
The brand’s premier editions tell three stories authored by remarkable pairings of perfumers and illustrators. Their creative talents led to the realization of distinct yet equally intriguing romances.
The titles’ clever design make them even more irresistible. Each eau de parfum is presented as a book. The bottles’ labels are romantic trompe l’oeil mementos of their respective love affairs—a metro billet, a tea tag, a movie ticket stub. Bookmarks introduce the stories behind the stories, the backgrounds of the scents’ illustrators and perfumers.

Anthropologie fiction 2PARIS: SHE MET HIM IN SECRET is an exploration of unauthorized love created by perfumer Alexandra Monet and illustrated by Casey Shagena. The scent is classified as a floral chypre fragrance, characterized by a contrast between fresh floral notes and a deep, sensual dry down.
Says perfumer Alexandra Monet: “I was inspired to create the souvenir of a French kiss—a bit forbidden, always romantic. A mysterious dark iris accord captures the feeling of her perfect black dress and the shadows along the Paris streets. The scent of her cherished lipstick, tucked in a luxurious clutch—sensuous, powdery, leathery— is left on his skin, the memento of a stolen moment.”
Alexandra is a vibrant Parisian perfumer experienced in the art of creating subtle-yet-sensual scents that are simultaneously sophisticated and addictive. Alexandra creates perfumes that, like her, are fashion-forward, a little unexpected, and expressive.
An illustrator and entrepreneur, Casey soulfully blends art, packaging and storytelling to create products of true emotional meaning. As proprietress of Menagerie, Portland, Oregon’s small batch beauty destination, she curates artisanal brands with a backstory worth sharing, and creates the same sense of humanity in her own graphic design projects.

L.A. SHE CALLED BUT HE WAS UNREACHABLE captures the bittersweet joy of unrequited love with a fragrance created by Josh Meyer and a watercolor illustration by Marcel George. The scent is a floral citrus, characterized by a blend of crisp, juicy notes and warm florals. Says perfumer Josh Meyer: “Set against the backdrop of mid-century Southern California, I’ve opened the fragrance fresh and early in the morning with a zingy blast of lemon zest. Anticipation as the sun rises can be felt along with the scent of sweet linden blossoms … Then the fragrance of longing with a stunning base accord of salty ambergris and light musks.”
Josh is the fragrance mastermind behind cult-adored perfume collection Imaginary Authors, and brings an artist’s sensibility and a rich sense of history and storytelling to his unique creations which are sold in prestige perfumeries across the country. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
Acclaimed young watercolorist and fine art painter Marcel George is based in London. Marcel’s illustrations combine painting with digital design, making them contemporary and engaging. His work has appeared in publications including the Financial Time Magazine, and he regularly exhibits in his native U.K.

LONDON. SHE KNEW HE WAS FOR-EVER tells a timeless story of unconditional love, with perfumery by Gino Percontino and illustration by Jon Contino. The scent is an aromatic floral, characterized by a blend of breezy green and floral notes.
Says perfumer Gino Percontino: “At the entrance of an English garden, the scent opens with a bright spark of connection, then the promenade continues—a romantic breeze of magnolia and honeysuckle envelops the moment and is enlivened by fresh green tea … finally, the warmth of honey and warm woods expresses the comfort and trust of true love.”
A passionate young perfumer, Gino brings a romantic point of view formed by his own European heritage. His travels to locales like London and the Italian countryside inspire his use of ingredients that create a transportive feeling in fragrances he composes.
Jon’s award-winning intricate drawings and works of lettering art have re-invented classic book covers of writers such as William Faulkner and Stephen King. His clients include Nike, Jack Daniel’s, Whole Foods, and many more. He was born and raised in New York, NY.

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