2013 Vertex Awards Silver Winners

Vertex silver63 - Fresh Market - Bread Crumbs - RedesignSILVER
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Fresh Market
Country: USA
Agency: The Fresh Market

Our direction for this redesign was to create a simple, updated, easy to read label. Our old breadcrumb packaging used a script for the item name, which was hard to read on shelf. Shoppers also had trouble differentiating between the different breadcrumb offerings. It was with these items in mind we created the redesign of TFM breadcrumb packaging. We picked a nice clean legible sans serif and distinct colors that carry throughout the pdp to help shoppers differentiate the types of breadcrumbs. TFM views bread crumbs as staples of the kitchen, so we went with the kitchen utensil imagery to reinforce the idea that breadcrumbs are just another tool in cooking.

Senior Category Manager – Private Label: Jennifer Oas
Designer: Alex Blake
Designer: Andy Kurtts
Production: SGS

62 - Fresh Market Candy - RedesignSILVER
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Fresh Market
Country: USA
Agency: The Fresh Market

The current packaging design didn’t express the level of quality of the product inside. Our direction was to elevate the new packaging design – so we created cookbook worthy food photography and clean decorative sans serif type paired with vintage typography. The colors we chose were not only inspired by the product inside but also the holiday season when these would be appearing in-store. The Associate Category Manager worked with vendor on using paper sleeves and generic boxes to reduce the amount of unique packaging needing printing saving money.

Senior Category Manager – Private Label: Jennifer Oas
Assoc. Category Manager – Private Label: Christina Hartman
Designer: Alex Blake
Designer: Andy Kurtts
Photographer: Matt Hulsman, D Cube Studios
Photo Stylist: Alex Blake
Production: SGS

84 - Safeway Select - French-Style-Sparkling-Sodas-LineupSILVER
Category: Beverages
Retailer: Safeway, Inc.
Country: USA
Agency: Anthem Worldwide

The design extends the artistry of Safeway Select to its line of French Style Sparkling Sodas. The design accentuates the structure especially at its shoulder and hips while ensuring the products effervescence and natural flavors are tastefully delivered with a slight French flair.

Creative Director: Deborah Smith Read
Design Director: Patrick Fraser
Designer: Meeta Panesar
Illustrator: Mike Wepplo

21 - Woolworths Milk - VERTEX1SILVER
Category: Beverages
Retailer: Woolworths.
Country: Australia
Agency: Marque Brand Consultants

A change in milk processing by proprietary brands to omit the use of permeate in milk and provide consumers with milk ‘the way it should be’ instigated Woolworths revisiting its private brand milk strategy. This resulted in a restructuring of their portfolio, removing the entry tier brand and delivering a new Permeate Free offering under the Woolworths Select mid-tier brand.

The market’s shift had also led customers to believe that the milk they had been purchasing was over processed and less natural than farm sourced milk.

Brief & Objectives
We were tasked to create a Woolworths Select milk range that clearly conveys the Permeate Free offering, whilst reassuring the customer of the real and natural quality of the milk, mitigating their sense that milk had become over processed.

The range identity also had to fully embrace the passion Australian consumers have for supporting Australian farmers and convey local sourcing by State.

Creative Solution
The design strategy was to take the customer back to the farm – the local farm – reassuring them of the purity of the milk. Dairy cows are seen grazing on fresh grass and with a farm’s traditional, old, hand painted wooden signpost loudly calls out the key selling messages of ‘Permeate Free’ and the State of production (NSW, VIC etc).

The category variant colors provide powerful navigation on shelf. This area of pack also drives the range’s supporting message: “Farmed Fresh. Australian Milk. Purest Quality”.

The resultant design is impactful at the fixture, creating a herd of cows in a lush green field, further delivering the desired natural, farm fresh feel.

The Results
Woolworths’ milk has increased its market share and is seen more as tried and trusted everyday grocery choice, with sales for Select Milk up by 10% across the range. There has also been a considerable shift of Woolworths customers moving from branded milk products across to Select due to competitive pricing, and overall perception of value for money.

Senior Designer: Greg Boulting
Account Director: Suzi Della-Pietra
Creative Director: Gavin Greenhalf

30 - Asda Kids -range21SILVER
Category: New Brand
Retailer: Asda Stores Ltd
Country: United Kingdom
Agency: BOS Design Ltd


To redesign ASDA kids range – to sit as a new brand with a direct relationship with current Chosen By You brand.

To consider the name of the range in line with the proposition – that all products will be taste tested by kids and approved by mums.

To create brand equity that is ownable for the new brand, to make ASDA a leader and to give mums a range they can trust and be proud of.

To consider how we can balance fun and engagement with credibility for mum.

To ensure we take the positives from current range ‘Great Stuff’ – into the new era for the ASDA kids offering, and retain the current green background which resonates with mum when she shops.

To ensure the design has stretch across all marketing communications (POS, web, social media).

A key challenge was ensuring that the redesign was going to take this already established own label brand into its next phase with confidence – and to ensure the brand is leading rather than following within a competitive market place.

One key problem was solving the tiering throughout a vast range to ensure the good better best strategy was solid – so customers had a solid understanding of why they are paying more for a product within the range.

Chosen By Kids – a fun and engaging brand that delivers a strong relationship with children whilst giving credibility for mum.

Focus on the quality of the products and health credentials are at the centre of the brand.

Copy has played a key role in storytelling and bringing the monsters alive – around the pack and across all marketing communications.

Character illustrations have been hand drawn with key ownable features.

Chosen By Kids brand is colorful and credible and is usable across all marketing communications.

Chosen By Kids brand book – document that has been utilized across the brand team is engaging and at the heart of delivering a consistent tone of voice and brand look and feel.

Head of Non Food ASDA packaging: Justine Jackson
Copywriter: Andy Middleton

Creative director: Andy Willingham
Lead Designer: Jo Pittard
Head of artwork: Emma Wachmistrovic
Senior client Director: Ali Daly

Category: Fresh
Retailer: Asda Stores Ltd
Country: United Kingdom
Agency: Brandhouse

The problem:
When the Asda fish range was relaunched, in-depth research with ASDA mum’s revealed their lack of confidence and understanding of fresh fish.

The current design that featured one “seascape” visual wasn’t appealing, and clear plastic packaging wasn’t showing the product off in a favorable way. Plus within the breaded fish range, both product and labels were virtually identical, so differentiation within the range was also very important.

Objectives of the brief:
To focus around bringing out the helpfulness of the fishmonger and freshness of fish cues, plus increasing taste appeal across a very varied product range. Making fish an easy tasty meal for Asda Mums

The Solution:
The design brings to life the aluminum and crushed ice fishmonger cues to communicate freshness, with a really simple and inspiring ingredient depiction that helps the Asda Mum visualize the tastiness of a cooked meal.

The language and tone of voice used reflects helpfulness, with cooking hints and tips for mum that show how simple cooking with fish can be.

Black trays were also introduced to enhance the overall appeal by showing off the raw product at its best, adding premium cues and, together with clearly differentiated labels improving standout on-shelf and making the fixture easier to shop.

Design Manager: Jim Scott

Creative Director: Bronwen Edwards
Senior Designer: Mark Whittle
Artworker: Oliver Young
Photographer: Ivor Innes Photography

34 - Continente - Origin-Coffee-CapsulesSILVER
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: SonaeMC
Country: Portugal
Designer: In Batista

The development of the coffee capsules “Origens” arose from the ambition of Sonae MC offer a innovative and high quality product to its customers, in private label.

The coffee capsules with defined origins, is an innovation in the Portuguese market, neither the distribution brands nor supplier brands having such an extensive range with origins so defined (Angola, Colombia, Biological, Goa and Timor). This was a product developed in Portugal.

Each reference has a different composition and intensity, designed for each customer.

After defining the products, a national and international benchmarking for verification the Packaging trends in this kind of product was performed, such as what kind of communication is used in different markets. With these results we aim to communicate the range, origins, color, having as main objective to create a dynamic and strong image with great emphasis on the supermarket shelf.

The whole process is from national origin, the processing of raw materials as well as the packing and the production of packaging (capsules + boxes).

Each reference is unique, distinguished by its variety of range, composition, quality, aroma and flavor.

This range has a feature that makes it more special, the capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and with the Sonae MC machine: the C Expressso.

Create a strong image for a more premium packaging for Continente Private Label, with bright colors and patterns that express the character, the flavor and the geographical origin of each coffee.

A new vibrant and distinctive look for each packaging, creating a striking visual design on the supermarket shelf. The perception of the consumers about the origin of the coffee is immediate, appealing to his favorite scent.

We care to put the name of each country, in relief printing and glow, with strong and appealing colors in order to highlight the origin of it, the most important factor at the time of purchase.

Commercial Director: Helena Martins
Brand Director: Patrícia Lagarinhos
Brand Manager: Rita Pereira
Graphic Designer: Inês Batista

61 - Fresh Market - Coffee - groupSILVER
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: Fresh Market
Country: USA
Agency: The Fresh Market

The team was tasked with creating packaging for a new line of naturally flavored coffee. The challenge was to create a design that really showed off the unique qualities of the flavored coffee. These coffees are flavored with real ingredients and spices you can actually see in the grounds. To really drive the ingredient focus we chose a direction that utilized overhead photography of elements and flavor cues in the coffees. There is so much brown and earth tones on the coffee shelf and we feel like the nice clean white label really differentiates itself from other products. The design also reminds us of something you’d see in a cookbook or food blog, really tapping into what our food-centric shoppers are familiar with.  Since their release these coffees have become very popular with our customers and strong addition to The Fresh Market’s Private Brand lineup.

Senior Category Manager – Private Label: Jennifer Oas
Assoc. Category Manager – Private Label: Michelle Beck
Designer: Alex Blake
Designer: Andy Kurtts
Photographer: Matt Hulsman, D Cube Studios
Photo Stylist: Alex Blake
Production: SGS

Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: Walgreens
Country: USA
Agency: CBX

Our challenge was to come up with a national brand equivalent solution that would cover a very wide-ranging group of products including consumables, household, and cleaning. The brand would need to be tight enough to hold together in the many categories across the store, but flexible enough to compete against the national brand. Additionally, the strategy of the brand needed to ladder up to the greater Walgreens strategy of Happy and Healthy.

It started with finding a name that was broad enough to span a wide range of products, allow for future expansion of categories and be a great solution for the happy experience we wanted consumers to have when purchasing these products. After “Nice!” was established, a design solution was discovered that stands out on shelf through its cheerful, vibrant personality and relatable, engaging imagery.

The Nice! brand offers solutions for everyday living. The design and the products brighten the consumer experience. The tone of voice is relatable and the design makes you take a step back and say, Nice!

The look is simple and contemporary with playful photography and bright optimistic colors.

CBX team

Irresistibles 2SILVER
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Metro, Super C, Food Basics
Country: Canada
Agency: St. Joseph Communications / DW+Partners

Life Smart by Irresistibles will feature more than 400 better-for-you products by the end of 2015. The packaging redesign was to refresh and strengthen engagement of the consumer with a proposition that healthy can be appetizing, supported by more clearly defined benefit callouts. Since the launch of the new design program sales have increased by 30%.

Metro Private Label Group
Metro Design Management: Éric Gagnon

St. Joseph Communications / DW+Partners:
Creative Director: Dennis Benoit
Designer: Creeshla Hewitt
Photography by Dana Dorobantu, Christian Lacroix, Dominique Malaterre, and Alain Sirois

8 - Lidil ICecream - 4SILVER
Category: Frozen
Retailer: LIDL
Country: Spain
Agency: Carré Noir Barcelona

Lidl briefed the agency to create a new range of frozen fruit under Gelatelli umbrella brand. Three flavors: lemon, orange and coconut.

The main design objectives to communicate and convey were:

  • Freshness and lightness
  • Excellent taste
  • Modernity

According to these values, Carré Noir Barcelona created an innovative design concept using a minimalistic approach.

The typography suits perfectly with the look.

In Summary, the pack suggests exactly the concept of the product.

Lidl Brand Manager: Carlos Martin
Art Director: Leila Rodriguez
Creative Director: Els Neirinckx
Senior Designer: Marisol Escorza
Photography: Oriol Vila
Account Manager: Adrià Ardenuy

36 - Fresh & Easy Icecream 2SILVER
Category: Frozen
Retailer: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
Country: United Kingdom
Agency: P&W Design Consultants

The design of this sweet collection of Italian-style sorbet captures the true flavors of the artisan sorbetto using strong ingredient photography and incorporating crisp bright colors on a clean white canvas background. The typography is playful and coupled with the geometric patterns (used on the lid and back of pack) feel very reminiscent of authentic Italian Sorbet shop decor and signage.  The sorbet is made using all Imported Italian equipment, techniques, recipes and regionally based ingredients.  The range was designed to reflect simple ingredients with the main focus being the fruit and flavor.

Creative Director, P&W Design Consultants: Adrian Whitefoord
Designer, P&W Design Consultants: Corey Czer


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