2013 Vertex Awards Bronze Winners

Vertex Bronze FrontPrintBRONZE
Category: New Brand
Retailer: Topco Associates LLC
Country: USA
Agency: Topco Creative Services

It’s midweek and you have no plan for dinner. Rather than eating out, bring the whole family back to the table with a hearty, healthy meal of, say, chicken alfredo – ready in 11 minutes.

@ease skillet dinners combine culinary cuisine with convenience, an objective that busy families can rally around. Everything is in the bag: pasta or rice, chicken or shrimp, gourmet sauce, and a healthy mix of vegetables. From freezer to stovetop to table, the entire family can be eating in less than 15 minutes. And the best part, it doesn’t have a rubbery microwave texture like other frozen meal packages.

The @ease logo’s simplicity – a bold, black square, teal accent color and large, easy-to-identify type – makes the product stand out behind the frosted glass of the freezer section. The colorful food photography, consuming most of the packaging, showcases the quality of the final product. The product line is tied together with a bright teal background, and bright color-coding distinguishes flavor choices.

Backside packaging clearly states ingredients, cooking instructions and nutrition facts.

From shrimp stir fry to garlic chicken, when you’ve got @ease on hand, you can rest assured knowing you have all the essentials to turn a midweek meal into a masterpiece.

Art Director: Shelbi Sturges
Designer: Kathy Kolba
Production: Neil Lorentzen
Photography: DeForest Studio
Food Stylist: Becky Roller

55 - Bowlmates - 2BRONZE
Bowl Mates by Petco
Category: New Brand
Retailer Petco and Unleashed by Petco
Country: USA
Agency: Petco Animal Supplies Inc. In-house

The BowlMates product line was designed to offer pet parents a colorful, customizable pet feeding solution to meet pet’s specific needs. The tonality of the brand is Fresh Perspective (reinventing the basics), Modern, Informative and Innovative.

What we were solving for:

  • system & ease of steps
  • solution copy: innovative/functional/emotional
  • color communication and size system (cups)

The overarching brand and packaging request was to create a cohesive design that easily communicates the unique customization of the products.

Size solution: Images on packaging change per product size (larger size products feature larger breed dogs, smaller size products feature smaller breed dogs). The specific dog image helps the customer easily match the products of the size they need. Cup capacity is illustrated clearly with an icon for bases and bowl inserts.

Brandmark: The logo was designed to illustrate the modern characteristics of the product, with the ‘o’ taking on the shape of a bowl, and the stacked logotype fitting perfectly together as “mates.”

Color System: The packaging system is built upon three distinct segments that organize the products by their inherent functional offering and help the customer shop the three steps. Each segment is expressed with its own color shift and descriptive “talk bubble” and on the packaging primary display panel.

Director of Brand Management & Communications: Karen Moyer

Communications Manager/Art Director: Lorena Rios
Graphic Designer/Packaging Designer: Lindsey Parker
Photography: Lindsey Parker, Mike Smith, Shutterstock

54 - Tesco Finest Tea - 1BRONZE
Category: Beverages
Retailer: Tesco UK
Country: United States
Agency: P&W Design Consultants

It was time for the brand to move into another era, focusing even more intently on provenance, authenticity and craft, by highlighting the people behind the story – the farmers and producers who are dedicated and passionate about food.

Pack format was key to this range launch, the outer package needed to physically look different to other teas, as well as showcase the premium quality of the pyramid, biodegradable tea bag. The entire steeple folded carton is covered in bespoke, hand-drawn intricately detailed illustrations that are unique to each product. Each tea takes on its own emotion and personality through theme, color and style, playing to the different flavors and provenance of the tea inside.

A black slate roundel holds the titles and tasting notes, and is a consistent design element to tie the range together, as well as features the foil blocked ‘finest’ logo which is also on every single pack.

Creative Director, P&W Design Consultants: Simon Pemberton
Designer, P&W Design Consultants: Jack Bannerman
Illustrator: Alice Stevenson

93 - IR_ThickCutChips_hrBRONZE
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: Metro, Super C, Food Basics
Country: Canada
Agency: St. Joseph Communications / DW+Partners

Irresistibles adds a new segment to their “Kettle” style chips, with a super-thick line of traditional crunchy chips. Wrapped in a bold package presentation, the rustic design architecture blends modern photography styling with the feel of hand-made graphic elements to reinforce key product attributes — thickness and quality.

Metro Design Management:
Éric Gagnon Metro Private Label Group

St. Joseph Communications / DW+Partners
Creative Director: Dennis Benoit
Designer: Renald Leduc
Photography by Alain Sirois

39 - lykkedal - RedesignBRONZE
Category: Fresh
Retailer: Supergros
Country: Denmark
Agency: Kontrapunkt

SuperGros came to us for help in creating a new packaging design for the Lykkedal cheese series that take up the fight against more expensive and exclusive cheeses on the supermarket shelves. We activated the brand by creating a design that builds directly on the name “Lykkedal” that is a contraction of the Danish words “happiness” and “valley”. We defined an idyllic brand universe that is both authentic and credible in order to heighten the brand expression and product positioning. In addition to the new design we created an ad concept that supports Lykkedal’s new brand identity. Today, the Lykkedal line includes ten cheeses and plans to expand their product line in the near future.

Brand manager: Pernille Kiss Jensen (Product developer at Supergros)
Project manager: Ronnie E. Greve
Art director: Rikke Blicher
Artworker: Martin Højer Kofod
Illustator: Theis Møller Jakobsen

65 - Daily Chef - RedesignBRONZE
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Sam’s Club
Country: United States
Agency: Rouge 24, Inc.

Sam’s Club had several private label food brands, but the decision was made to consolidate the number of brands by creating appropriate sub-brands for the overall Daily Chef line. One of the challenges with the former Daily Chef design was that the logo lock-up box often times fell in the dead center of the packaging, and thus covering the beautiful food photography. Sam’s Club did not want a complete departure from the old look, but requested an updated design solution that would address the heavy use of black on the packaging and the logo placement. The new Daily Chef brand features a shield in the upper left when possible, and centered when space is limited. A color frame that matches the shield color is used to define the edges of the box. The photo direction on the new brand is lighter and usually features a utensil or a cue that this is food prep or a meal that’s about to begin. To solve the challenge of brand consolidation, Daily Chef also has a sub-brand called “Daily Chef Food Service” that replaces the old Bakers and Chefs brand and targets the professional end user. Daily Chef is the brand for all things food, food prep and kitchen (both home and commercial).

Vice President of Proprietary Brands, Sam’s Club: Paul Hunt
Senior Brand Manager, Sam’s Club: Rodrigo Dorantes
Senior Brand Manager, Sam’s Club: David Walker
President, Rouge 24: Ann Macdonald
Creative Director, Rouge 24: Michael Schmidt
Art Director, Rouge 24: Jennifer Palmer
Photography: OneKreate
Photography: Kritsada Panchigul

83 - Safeway Select - Chocolate-LineupBRONZE
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: Safeway, Inc.
Country: United States
Agency: Anthem Worldwide

The design the artistry of Safeway Select to its line of dark chocolates ensuring that critical cacao information was clearly communicated across the line. The flowing bands of color convey a certain gift-ability, while delivering on flavor differentiation and a product imbued with delicious variety.

Creative Director: Deborah Smith Read
Design Director: Patrick Fraser
Senior Designer: Randy Fisher
Technical Design Director: Daryl Buhrman
Senior Technical Designer: Liz Gallerani

Category: Beauty
Retailer: Topco Associates, LLC
Country: United States
Agency: Topco Creative Services

The Fountain of Youth is more accessible than ever.

b•bright, an anti-aging eye roll-on made of natural grape extract, joins the b•lēve product line of premium beauty care products incorporating natural extract technology. Our customers are seeing younger-looking skin at a fraction of the price they’d pay in department stores.

Modern colors and delicate finishes create a strong uniform brand presence. The sophisticated packaging communicates the entire story and essence of b•bright in one glance.

Back-of-product packaging details ingredients and benefits.

We look and feel like luxury should.

Art Director/ Designer: Shelbi Sturges
Production: Neil Lorentzen

58 - MotomasterBRONZE
Category: Automotive Products
Retailer: Canadian Tire
Country: Canada
Agency: Watt International

MotoMaster is a heritage brand for Canadian Tire. The refresh was done in order to reflect the automotive credibility, quality and heritage (80 years) of the brand.


  1. Brand id and packaging design conveys automotive credibility as a “better” brand that delivers quality and performance equal to comparable national brands.
  2. Packaging architecture clearly identifies key decision-making criteria and priority features and benefits to make it easy or customer to make a decision at store.
  3. Packaging communication allows for differentiation among products where important while maintaining a brand consistency.
  4. Transferability and impact of design elements across applications (use w/ sub-brands; on products across wide assortment; marketing communication; promotional messaging, etc.)

Results are not yet ready to be communicated. However, the new packaging is inspiring (beautifully shot photography), has a historical heritage factor to reflect the automotive credibility (logo redesign), great hierarchy of information for easy consumer decision making and shopping experience, and meets all the brand refresh objectives.

Brand Consultant: Daniel Gotlib
Brand Managers: Neema Shah,  Unha Park, Efrat Idel
AVP: Anthony Wolf
Packaging Manager: Jeff Cowan
Packaging Lead: Norm Green

5 - Glacier Bay_groupBRONZE
Glacier Bay
Category: Home Improvement
Retailer: The Home Depot
Country: USA
Agency: Spring Design Partners, Inc.

Glacier Bay is positioned as the “smart choice” for value conscious contractors and DIYers, however a lack of freshness in its packaging design was negatively impacting its stand out vis-a-vis national brands.

The agency created a new brand identity and packaging design solution that more effectively communicates Glacier Bay’s point of difference to better compete with national brands.

The new identity represents the brand as a smart solution by expressing how things can come together simply to create something new. The new identity maintains the sense of elevation that signifies inspiration.

Our package design solution portrays Glacier Bay as a multifaceted brand by leveraging clean, simple layout and considered composition of design elements, with scale to inspire creativity.

Erica Johnstone
Brian Stafflinger


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