Walmart’s “Price First” Makes the Washington Post

Washington Post - Price FirstToday, the iconic daily newspaper that broke Watergate, The Washington Post, picked up on the Walmart Price First story we broke last week. Journalist Richard Leiby adds an interesting entertainment twist to the story and quotes My Private Brand’s very own Christopher Durham.

Take a look…

Wal-Mart’s new Price First brand recalls the starkly labeled groceries of ‘Lost,’ ‘Repo Man’

A lot of people like to bash Wal-Mart for a lot of reasons. But finally, cool folks have something to love about the behemoth retailer. It’s where the mind-bending Dharma Initiative from “Lost” meets the cult film “Repo Man.”

Wal-Mart is test marketing an extreme-value basic brand that may stir a sort of empty nostalgia in anyone familiar with the starkly labeled generic products of decades past. Those who have ever made a meal of government cheese or peanut butter (as I have) would find a worthy condiment in Wal-Mart’s new Price First “real mayonnaise” or “pure strawberry preserves.”

“It’s just kind of depressing to look at,” says Christopher Durham, a private brands expert whose blog broke the Price First news last week. He disapproves of its “ ’70s flashback design” and points out that the brand makes no claims of quality. “I don’t believe you have to be insulting to consumers to sell a product,” he says.

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