Sainsbury’s Expands Taste the Difference with flavors from Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia

Sainsburys taste the differenceBritish grocer Sainsbury’s is expanding its Private Brand range of chilled ready meals this autumn, offering customers delicious new dishes inspired by vibrant food from the Far East. Exciting meals have been added to the popular Taste the Difference Indian range and a completely new range of Asian dishes has also been created, which combine some of the fresh and tasty food flavors originating from countries including Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Commenting on the launch, Romilly Edelmann, Meal Solutions Product Developer for Sainsbury’s said: “Indian cuisine always tops the list of our nation’s favorite foods and these new dishes use authentic cooking processes to infuse some of those trusted favorites with a modern twist, offering our customers fantastic meals when they want a quick and easy solution without the hassle of cooking.   And, whilst Indian food has long been popular in the UK in recent years, we have noticed Asian cuisine become increasingly more popular inspired by the boom in noodle bars and street food.  These new meals are bursting with flavour giving our customers the chance to try dishes more familiar from restaurant menus.”

The Taste the Difference Indian range has now increased to 16 products – each delicious meal layering flavors, premium sauces, British meat and fresh vegetables to create a modern interpretation of popular recipes. Prices range from £3 – £4.50 and will be available in stores nationwide from 13th November.  New products include:

  • Taste the Difference Tandoori King Prawn Masala with cumin and coconut basmati rice (450g, £.4.50) – These juicy chargrilled king prawns are tossed in garlic and coriander and piled over a rich tandoori masala laced with mango and mint for a fabulously fresh, fruity flavour. Served with spinach, cherry tomatoes and mixed cumin-spiced and coconut basmati.
  • Taste the Difference North Indian Lamb Masala topped with Samosa Pastry (450g £4.50) Inspired by the rich flavors of northern India, this hearty curry includes succulent slow-cooked lamb, tender potatoes and carrots in a warmly spiced tomato masala enriched with yogurt and cream. Topped with samosa pastry for a delicious crunch.
  • Taste the Difference Paneer and Chana Dal Curry with cumin and coconut basmati rice (450g £4.50) – Fresh and vibrant, with a delicate spicy sweetness, this fragrant vegetarian curry combines creamy spiced paneer with a rich tomato and coconut masala.  Topped with a tender butternut squash, spinach and red onion for the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.
  • Taste The Difference Spicy Butternut Squash and Spicy Mango Chutney Dip (210g £3.00) – These spicy Indian style parcels are filled with zesty butternut squash curry, laced with creamy coconut, wrapped in crisp ghee enriched pastry, coated with coconut flakes, for a deliciously nutty flavor. Perfect served hot with our spicy mango chutney dip.

Sainsbury’s new by Sainsbury’s range of Asian dishes has 21 different mains and sides and will be launched in an initial trial phase in 110 stores with the ambition to expand to more than 300 stores by March next year.  Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and China have a long heritage of creating traditionally cooked food packed with spices, colors and textures and these meals are fast becoming popular staple dishes within the UK.   Prices range from £2.50 – £3.80 and will be available from 13th November – dishes include:

  • Chicken and King Prawn Yaki Udon (380g £3.80) – Inspired from Japanese cuisine.  British chicken is marinated to an authentic recipe using Japanese soy, mirin and ginger.

Accompanying the dish is a simple yet tasty aromatic dressing comprising of Japanese sweet soy and oyster sauce.  Served with wok-fried vegetables, silky udon noodles and fresh spring greens.

  • Malay Chicken Curry with lemongrass jasmine rice (380g, £3.80) – a fragrant, spicy and creamy curry inspired from a traditional recipe.  The chicken is marinated in coconut, soy and turmeric combined with a sauce containing galangal, lemongrass, chili and shallots which introduce an aromatic flavor.  Served with lemongrass sticky rice balls and finished with chopped peanuts.
  • Firecracker King Prawn with jasmine rice (380g £3.80) –  Succulent King Prawns, combined with a rich dark fiery sauce of sweet shallots, Kecap Manis, garlic and galangal,  boosted with red chili and Japanese seven spice.  To accompany this hot dish is refreshing zesty orange jasmine rice.
  • Indonesian coconut and lemongrass beef curry (380g, £3.80) – This spicy dish includes British beef marinated in star anise, soy and coconut milk which infuses as the flavors are released during the cooking process. Served with fluffy steamed rice modernized with the addition of lemongrass, which gives off an exotic aromatic aroma and fuller flavor.
  • Vegetable Panang Curry (380g, £3.80) – A mild and creamy Thai inspired, fragrant coconut curry sauce with red peppers, edamame beans and crisp sugar snap peas. Served with steamed lemongrass jasmine rice.
  • Colored dim sum with ginger soy dip (210g,£3) – A selection of traditional hand wrapped steamed dim sum, colored using natural ingredients, these delicate aromatic dim sum pieces are filled with prawn and mixed vegetables giving  a clean, fresh and delicate oriental flavor.

SOURCE: Sainsbury

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