Positioning Private Label: The Marketer’s Challenge

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Positioning Private Label: The Marketer’s Challenge
By / Richard Kohn
richard kohnMany brands lack competitive, relevant differentiation having failed to carve out a special place in the market for their brand so price becomes the key driver to increase sales: consumers have no reason to think otherwise.
Positioning is the Alpha & Omega of successful marketing >>

How does this play out in the landscape of retail brands? And what does the retail brand marketer need to think about in addition to classical CPG processes? For manufacturers supporting retail brand teams it’s important to have this thinking in mind.

Private label, ‘branding’ used to be easy. Place the retailer’s store brand on the product, place it on the shelf and promote it with a low price sticker.

Good, better, best followed, successfully elevating the quality perception of retail bra
nded products. We now have venture brands, niche products, premium offerings and innovation leadership.

Every year, shows such as Anuga confirm the potential or private label to shift category purchase patterns. As retailers we can move quicker, innovate better and deliver to consumers more effectively.

This strategy is essential in creating value for the retailer: Venture brands margins are higher than generics and enhance the brand equity of the retailer.

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