Garant Eko: Simple Design, Sophisticated Customer Relationship

Garant Ecko 1

Kudos to Swedish retailer and wholesaler Axfood for the way they’re handling their Private Brand Garant (sold in Hemköp, Prisxtra, Vi and Willys stores). First you have the call-it-like-we-see-it packaging design that lacks photos of the product, but keeps hot colors and design attitude in the layout and allows the product name to speak for itself.

The bold hand drawn font is unique to the eco line of products within the Brand family, and the colors are combined in unusual ways to ensure the product stands out on the shelf. The design was created by BAS.

Garant is targeted toward smart, savvy consumers, and Axfood wants their input. Customers are directed to comment on the products on their website,, allowing Axfood to produce products consumers are specifically asking for. This is another instance of a European company taking the accepted concepts behind Private Brand strategy on its ear.

And it’s working. Sales are breaking records with Axfood’s share of Private Brand sales at an all time high, and a huge number of consumers are actively involved through the website. Just another example of a grocery retailer taking advantage of social media today.

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