Organically Authentic! Migros’ Bio

Clean lines, a linen backdrop, simple text and high-quality illustrations and photos. Pulled together they create the simple beauty of Swiss supermarket Migros‘ Bio packaging.

Since its launch in 1995, their Private Brand, Bio, has grown to over 1000 organic products that meet the strict guidelines required for the organic label to be applied in the European Union. As the largest retailer, supermarket and employer in Switzerland, it would be easy to expect the Big Box Boring packaging philosophy so often employed.

But Bio’s packaging, a combination of nostalgic and elegant, presents the feeling of authenticity while letting the product shine. Unlike US packaging that tends to contain more extraneous front-facing copy than anyone needs to buy a bag of chips, Bio allows the product to stand on its own merits. The packaging remains uncluttered, even though it’s bilingual.

Graphic designer and art director Pascal Frey and Schneiter Meier have created a visual brand language that is consistent and recognizable. Using a light color scheme and green for the text, Bio conveys natural and healthy while avoiding the clichés of the category.

While Bio is decidedly European in its packaging design, US retailers would do well to consider how thoughtful, considered simplicity can still convey quality.

Bio’s advertising campaign takes a fun look at the orchestration of natural and organic with their TV ad.