Social Media A-Buzz About Kroger

Kroger Spring DinnersKroger is in the middle of a BzzAgent social media promotion for their Kroger Private Brand products, and word is getting around. The campaign is designed around bringing the family together for an easy to prepare Spring Dinner using Kroger’s simple to prepare entrees and side dishes.

BzzAgent is a social marketing company that connects people and their favorite brands. They put products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more.

BzzAgents, the people who receive coupons, try the product and then spread the word to their immediate circle, have posted recipes for what they’ve done with the pork tenderloin they tried. Everything from a Mississippi Mud Roast to a Brown Sugar and Dijon Pork Loin has made the list. The reviews have been overall strong for the Private Brand products.

A sampling of reviews on BzzAgent:

KROGERS has a handle on it!
March 26, 2013 by katrina777
Krogers has come such a long way. When my children were small I purchased their products because of the price. the taste back in the day was not so great. Well…..May I say wow, wow, and wow. Krogers has come a long way baby with their taste and are still a great price in comparison to other products. Cake and frosting just as good as the competitors. Biscuits and mashed potatoes…cannot tell the difference in brands. I hope they will keep producing such great items.

Kroger = Yummy
March 26, 2013 by firenice03
Where to start isn’t hard here… I will begin as I walked through the door the day my bride cooked up this tenderloin. This time ’round, with winter still having a hold on us here in Ohio, the Crock Pot was the solid choice. She takes a garlic seasoning (I’ll go into detail in the recipe section) and lets it simmer a majority of the day and as soon as walk up to the house you can begin to smell that tenderloin, as you enter through the threshold its over, I have to sample. Lean, moist and tender; yes it is… We have a local Kroger which is typically our grocery of choice and do buy the tenderloins frequently. I have had these cut down to 1″ thick or better for chops, have smoked these on the grill as well and make for good pulled pork. But back to this meal along with the potatoes and crescent rolls. I want to add that we have been trying to eat better watching bad carbs and sugars, so ts been a while since we’ve had rolls, but MAN they were good, my 4 year loved them too. The potatoes were good, though I suggest spicing to your liking. We finished the meal off with a cake. It was my oldest birthday (turned 7), cake/icing was good – cake moist and light, my wife added “cotton candy” flavoring to the icing which mixed up well. Again, watching the sugars, but was good. Timing; the tenderloin does take the most time but if using a Crock Pot, toss it in early, let it go all day – then its just minutes for the rest of the meal. A delicious meal from first whiff to last bite. I would highly recommend for anyone. If you haven’t tried the Kroger brand, give it a try its right up with any name brand…

Two Texas SistersStay at home mommy blogger, Meredith, of the Two Texas Sisters blog, shared her experience on her blog to help build buzz. She included pictures of all the meals she was able to make with the samples and mentioned the pass-along coupons she was given to share.

Today more than ever, consumers are using social media to learn about other consumers’ experiences with a product. And they’re more likely to listen to a friend’s recommendation of a product than a standard newspaper circular. Kudos to Kroger for stepping outside the box and capitalizing on BzzAgent and social media as a brand building opportunity.