Barnes & Noble Announces Purchasing in Apps on Nook

nook hdNOOK Media LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced in-app purchasing is coming soon to  the Private Brand NOOK through a partnership with mobile payment provider Fortumo.

In the coming weeks and months, premium digital content will now be available for purchase by NOOK customers in the NOOK Stores(TM). No longer will customers have limited access to extra levels and premium features found in the most popular games and apps.

Fortumo is providing developers the tools and resources they need to implement in-app purchasing in their products, as well as a dashboard with real-time information on sales and analytics on how customers are making purchases.

Consumers will have the added benefit of one-click shopping within apps. Once a customer has registered for in-app purchasing, they click “pay” and the transaction takes place using their credit card on file, like Amazon’s One-Click shopping.

“In-app purchasing makes it possible for developers to ensure the customer only pays when they absolutely love the app. This has proven to be a compelling value proposition for customers and a very successful strategy for developers,” said Rain Rannu, Co-Founder and CEO of Fortumo.