Global Retail Brands Magazine Launches Worldwide

Global Retail Brands First IssueThe following guest post is a letter from my friend and colleague Phillip Russo detailing the changes in his life and career over the last few months and the launch of his new magazine Global Retail Brands. Throughout the week we will feature one article a day from the new publication – please take a few minutes and click through to his site – read the entire article and see what the rest of the world is up to.

philIt’s a great pleasure to reach out directly to My Private Brand’s readers and provide some insight about my new magazine, Global Retail Brands.

After ten years of improving Private Label and Private Label International magazines, and launching Private Label China, I found myself unemployed when the owner of the publications decided to sell to a competitor. At that moment it was clear that I did not control my professional destiny. It was a moment that I don’t ever want to repeat. But it had a positive outcome; it unleashed a dormant desire…Global Retail Brands.

While this is a new magazine, it is not at all a new idea. It’s been swimming around in my head for several years. In those years, a disconnect between the stellar work on the part of retailers and suppliers and the rather mundane portrayal of it by some in the trade press suggested, at least to me, the need for something new. A magazine guided by the promotion of excellence, not the increase of ad page market share.

In those formative years, I became aware of new voices trying to change that pattern of sameness, chief among them, Christopher Durham. When My Private Brand first hit the scene, it was the only media that concerned me from a competitive standpoint. I wanted to dislike it so I could more easily sell against it. But instead, I got to know Christopher and realized he wasn’t in it to build a media empire. He actually cared about the industry and his clients. That impressed me. Still does.

So when I spoke with him at length at the last PLMA show, and we agreed we’d be allies if I moved forward with Global Retail Brands. The rest was history.

The first issue of Global Retail Brands was conceived, designed, printed and launched in Bologna, Italy in a manner of weeks. It is meant to do one thing: showcase world-class examples of Private Brand strategy and products as well as the people and processes that make them possible. It will not be perfect and it will not be boring. For certain, it will be unlike anything else serving our industry.

I look forward to your feedback, would greatly appreciate your readership, and thank you for taking a moment to have a look. Contact me anytime at

Thank you and best regards,

Phillip Russo