Pets Love Private Brands – PLMA’s New Pet Care Pavilion

Pets want Private Brands, too. In fact, a Private Label Manufacturer’s Association (PLMA) video launched on the internet today shows dogs and cats prefer store brands 2 to 1.
A trio of pets are captured in the 60 second promotional video for PLMA’s new Pet Care Pavilion. The commercial borrows stylistically from classic TV ads with a nod to the latest “lolcats” and “memes” – humorous concepts that spread like mass greeting cards across the social web via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other such sites.
To call attention to the rising importance of pet care categories in store brand portfolios, the Pet Care Pavilion will feature pet foods, supplies and accessories from exhibitors at PLMA’s 2012 Private Label Trade Show, November 11-13 in Chicago, while also showcasing what retail chains and pet specialty stores are doing with their private label pet programs.