Craftsman Partners With Wonder Woman, Superman and The Flash

Private Brand is taking a giant comic book leap forward with the first-ever print comic book crossover between DC Entertainment and iconic Sears Private Brand Craftsman — “Craftsman Bolt-On System Saves the Justice League.” The story includes some of the great superheros: Wonder Woman, Superman and The Flash. The book online at beginning October 1.

According to a article in Forbes magazine:

This unlikely collaboration introduces the new character, The Technician. The story has The Technician facing off against a villain called The Key, who’s out to steal records from The Hall of Justice while the Justice League is away. The Bolt-On product is woven into the comic book story seamlessly, while the story shows a behind-the-scenes look at what happens away from all of the epic battles.

Hank Kanalz, SVP of digital, DC Entertainment, said The Technician came about through a brainstorming session that explored what happens when something mechanical goes wrong in the DC Universe. After all, the Dark Knight isn’t going to change the oil in the Batmobile and Wonder Woman isn’t going to repair the Invisible Jet after a flight. And just who’s in charge of keeping the alarm system up to par at The Hall of Justice?

“This is as much about reaching a new audience of comic book fans as it is about constantly trying to find new ways to educate and engage our audience,” said Michael Castleman, president, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard, SVP, Sears Holdings. “With the Bolt-On product, there’s a utility belt nature to it. When we were brainstorming with DC, it was something that we all felt that a super hero would wear.”

This partnership is more than having a large Craftsman booth at NYCC, which will include a live-action project build of The Technician’s headquarters using the Bolt-On tool. The collaborators are taking the DIY approach with the comic, as well. Through November 30, 2012, fans can upload their own ideas for the plot of The Technician’s next adventure on

“We’re opening up this engagement initiative where fans can submit a drawing and synopsis and we’re rewarding them with a trip to New York Comic-Con 2013,” said Ryan Ostrom, CMO of Craftsman & Div. Vice President of Digital Marketing/eCommerce KCD Brands at Sears Holding Company. “What’s submitted by fans around The Technician will ultimately be brought to life in the future. The best idea will be used in a future comic book adventure.”

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