Target\’s NEW Threshold Debuts!

\"\"\"\"Target’s eagerly anticipated new home brand Threshold is finally here, and its no test, it is an obvious commitment to rolling the brand out across the relevant areas of the store. As I reported earlier the new brand will replace the \”Target Home\” Private Brand.

The brand was officially announced in the 2012 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call in May by Kathy Tesija, Executive Vice President, Merchandising. The move means that the last remaining brand to carry the “bullseye” will be eliminated in favor of the recently announced new Private Brand Threshold.

Looking beyond the second quarter, we’re very excited about our recently announced plans to rebrand our Target Home brand as Threshold, beginning this fall. Target Home is already our largest owned brand, but we saw an opportunity to better clarify its positioning and point of view, so we undertook the biggest rebranding effort in our history. Everything was on the table in this effort: product, quality, packaging and positioning within our brand portfolio. We engaged in a similar effort to redefine our Room Essentials brand a couple of years ago, and we’ve been very pleased with the results. We believe this is an opportune time to rebrand Target Home as the economy continues to improve and more guests are beginning to feel comfortable trading up from good to better brands.

We’ll debut Threshold with an assortment of entertaining essentials, accents and decorative accessories and plan to extend the brand across our entire home assortment in 2013. We’ll have more information to share on this brand launch in future conference calls.

\"\"Julie Guggemos, vice president of Target’s product design and development team, spoke with the official Target blog, “a bullseye view”  about the new brand, her favorite pieces and the inspiration behind the fall collection.

First off, we love the cardboard display house. Why showcase the collection in a makeshift house?
Julie Guggemos: The name of the brand is Threshold—a new Target home brand that you’ll start to see in stores in September with a full rollout next spring. We wanted to invite our guests to literally step across the threshold and experience the product in a home atmosphere, where it is meant to be.

Tell us about Threshold.
JG: We know how important great design is to our guest. She’s constantly looking for new ways to update her home. We thought it was time to elevate our assortment, by introducing a new brand with strong personality, exceptional quality and outstanding design. You’re not going to find anything else like it!

What was the inspiration for the fall collection?
JG: The fall collection is centered on the New England countryside. It incorporates equestrian and heritage influences, Native American prints, menswear stripes and plaids, brass accents, different textures and hand-sketched elements—all touches that evoke a sense of nostalgia. We even have old wooden games that are as fun to display as they are to play. Texture is also a big inspiration—like chunky knits—which you’ll see on pillows, ottomans, throws and lamps.

Where will we see equestrian influences?
JG: Riding influences are prevalent everywhere, from the leather handles on a hammered silver serving bucket, to the buckle detailing on a herringbone picture frame, and a horse silhouette on an outdoor rug.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
JG: My favorite piece is the blue pillow with a stitched outline of a horse —the back of the pillow captures the menswear plaid trend, and the front focuses on the equestrian touch I mentioned earlier. It’s a great statement piece that you can use to update our home.

What is the easiest way to update your home?
JG: All you need is a few pillows and a throw! You can instantly refresh any room in the house just by adding those small pops of color and exciting prints—like southwestern patterns and the menswear-inspired prints.

\"\"So check it out let me know what you think. My first response is positive if a bit underwhelmed – it is an elegant if understated execution that works well on the large-scale pieces, but seems to falter on the small tags and packaging. The gray text is certainly on trend however in small scale it is virtually illegible. I love the little details in the packaging: the half circle notch that is carried throughout, the deep gray (PMS 431?) and the subtle recurring textures. The contrast from the old Target Home design to the new is pretty significant however in spots the white of Threshold seems to blend with the white executions of Room Essentials.

I look forward to seeing its growth and evolution as it takes over the remainder of Target Homes sku’s.

After numerous comments from readers abou the Threshold Tension Rod I reached out to Target to tell them about your concerns and they responded quickly. Read their response.

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