Sears Selects Duke as Craftsman Tool Catalog Spokesperson

Sears and their Private brand Craftsman have selected Chris Duke, host of Motorz, as the exclusive automotive tool spokesperson and advisor for all Sears automotive print and online catalogs. The decision was announced this month as part of a growing relationship between the two companies. Duke is a respected television personality, producer and 13-year automotive industry veteran.

“Being selected as the spokesperson for the best selling and most widely used tool brand in the world is truly an honor,” stated Chris Duke, Executive Producer and host of Motorz. “We use Craftsman tools in every episode of the show, and it’s great for us to be able to show our viewers exactly what tool to use at each stage of the process, and why. I look forward to representing the Sears and Craftsman brands in this important role.”

Motorz, now completing its fifth season, is a automotive improvement series produced in a home garage environment showing viewers how to properly maintain a vehicle and install aftermarket accessories with step-by-step instructions in an entertaining “you can do it, too” format. Each episode reviews detailed instructions including recommended tools and supplies and important safety instructions. The show includes a special Partz Segment showcasing some of the latest accessories available, and a Letterz segment featuring viewer questions and comments, and production bloopers.