Target Debuts New Private Brand “Kid Made Modern”

Walking, shopping, browsing our local Target is a regular weekend family excursion, and my two daughters Olivia  – 7 and Sarah – almost 6 have become experts at recognizing new Private Brands or packaging redesigns. Combine that with their unfailing love for art supplies and crafts and they quickly discovered Target’s newest brand Kid Made Modern, a new collection of art supplies and kits designed by Todd Oldham. Which they love and I have to say I agree: great products and great design and if my kids are any indicator they have created a brand that speaks directly to their target customer. Olivia recognized the Target distribution clause.

Nobody knows colorful design like designer Todd Oldham. With a career spanning more than 20 years, he has mastered every element of design, from interiors and furniture to fashion, film, dorm-room décor, books and more.

As a designer and creator for Kid Made Modern, Todd enjoys celebrating all facets of creativity and self-expression through art.

His passion for accessible art and the endless possibilities it can create is shown page by page in his 2009 book, Kid Made Modern, a colorful DIY guide that gives children crafting confidence alongside history of mid-century artists.

Inspired by his own book, Todd teamed up with Target to create Kid Made Modern, a collection of art supplies and activity kits to give kids and parents fun, yet affordable creative design tools, only available at Target. The colorful and thoughtful projects for kids of all ages provides a hands-on form of creative imagination and joy.

The official Target blog “A Bullseye Viewsat down with the New York-based designer to chat about his favorite pieces from the collection, and how to keep kids engaged during summer vacation.

How long has Kid Made Modern been in the works?
Todd Oldham: 
My Kid Made Modern book came out in 2009, and products followed. After about a year and a half working closely with Target, Kid Made Modern is finally here. But I feel like I’ve been designing this collection since I was a little kid. I’ve always looked for ways to express and cultivate the imagination, and this collection makes it easy for kids to do the same today.

We love the gemstone crayons! They look like miniature art pieces.
They’re one of my favorite pieces from the collection. When we first started thinking about art supplies, I wanted to rethink the basics. Everyone has crayons, so we did something different. We created these gorgeous, multifaceted tonal crayons that have extra sharp edges so you can draw across the paper in different shades and hues. Reinventing the whole concept of crayons was really fun.

How do you hope to get kids to unleash their imaginations?
We want to give kids the tools they need to explore their own minds. For example, in the Comic Book and Board Book kits, we give kids blank templates, and they bring their own creativity to make them come to life.

During the summer months, what’s a good way to keep kids’ creativity going?
We always try to build in different layers of ambient learning through Kid Made Modern. The Creature Cushion Kits allow kids to learn a little something while they’re having fun. In this project, they learn order and construction skills, and really have to work with their hands. They also learn different stitching techniques, all while creating these cute creature cushions.

What’s one-standout project kids’ will have fun creating this summer?
TO: I really like the Flashy Light Kit, which is a great hanging paper lantern project that would look festive at an outdoor party.

Take a look at a few instore shots.

and a video

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