Daymon Announces Research Study Into Global Food Culture Shifts

Stamford, Connecticut based private label broker Daymon Worldwide has teamed with the Hartman Group to launch a research study into global food culture shifts and the implications for food retailing. The announcement was made at the Food Marketing Institute 2012 annual conference by Daymon CEO Carla Cooper with Hartman CEO Harvey Hartman.

“Food is life, and with the cultural changes underway throughout the world, there are tremendous shifts happening in how people eat,” said Cooper.   “Occasions are now driving food choices, and retailers need to better understand how this is impacting their customers.”

Daymon is partnering with the Hartman Group to conduct the study. With an expertise in how consumers live, shop and use products, the Hartman Group specializes in uncovering the “why behind the buy” through a unique suite of integrated custom and primary research capabilities.   The company is recognized for its breakthrough perspectives on emerging and evolving consumer behaviors in foods culture, health & wellness, and sustainability.

“Daymon Worldwide is widely recognized for their expertise in global retail branding and sourcing, and we’re delighted to work with them on this research program,” said Harvey Hartman, founder and CEO of the Hartman Group.  So, in an era where consumers face more choices for foods and beverages—in brands, products and retail channels—than ever before, Daymon has recognized the need for a new consumer-centric approach to deliver strategic solutions to the retail industry.”

Results of the research study will be completed later this year and will be available exclusively to FMI members.  For additional information on the study, contact Virginia Morris at or (203) 352-7659.