Sunny Smiles, Walgreens & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Deerfield, Illinois based drugstore Walgreens continues the evolution of its Private Brand portfolio with the roll out of their new un-named “Sunny Smile” brand. The new or re branded items continue to trickle into the store, this time they have emerged in the grocery aisle, with an assortment of value priced cookies. The entrance of “Sunny Smile” into groceries creates a traditional three-tiered Private Brand architecture: Good & Delish, Nice! & “Sunny Smile.”

“Sunny Smile” is the definitive value player here, the design is stripped down and basic complete with logo/clip art from the PTA newsletter. The pricing and product reflect that aesthetic, and re-affirm the basic nature of the brand.

I have to say I much prefer Duane Reade’s “Bar Code” brand.