Barnes & Noble’s Nook Becomes a TV Star

New York City based bookstore Barnes & Noble’s has introduced a new campaign from advertising agency Mullen (who is also responsible for this weeks Food Lion commercials) highlighting the e-reader brand by pairing the tagline “What’s your Nook?” with a series of simple 15-second segments that illustrate many worlds in which the tablet can help you immerse yourself—traveling, inventing, cooking, etc.

According to an article in Adweek:

The common visual thread is an overhead view of a tabletop where a Nook has left a rectangle outline in the middle of scattered topical objects—arts and crafts beads, for example—where the Nook’s owner has placed it for reference, at the center of a pet project. The camera takes a quick pan right for a pseudo product demo (the screen images are simulated) while a voice reads copy supporting the subject matter. In the case of the aspiring artist, for example: “Be inspired. Take a break. Have some fun. Learn and make. What’s your Nook?”