Social Media & Private Brands?

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “The Role of Social Media: How Can Own Label Benefit from Consumers’ Social Media Habits?” report to their offering.

This presentation outlines how to use social media in new product development. It was originally shown to the Private Label Manufacturers Association conference in February 2012.

The rise of social media has been one of the most pervasive trends across the global grocery sector as consumers seek better value with the global financial crisis and as retailers have tiered their own label ranges, adopting good/better/best marketing techniques to cater for different shopper needs.

  • Better understand why social media is important for own label.
  • Improve comprehension of social media’s benefits.
  • Stimulate knowledge of social media’s applications.
  • Understand how retailers are using social media for innovation.
  • Discover how social media has changed the relationship in own label between manufacturers, consumers and retailers.


  • Social media is growing: one in every five minutes spent online is spent on social networks.
  • One in every two global consumers is reading online product reviews more.
  • Two in five 50-64 year old consumers are reading product reviews online more.
  • Questions Answered:
  • Why is social media important now?
  • How is social media used in product innovation?
  • How does social media elevate product transparency?
  • How is social media used for inspiration in product innovation?
  • How can online buzz be measured?

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