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Christopher Durham Apr 17, 2012 1

Walgreens Nice! Commercial
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Walgreens continues to aggressively market its Private Brands, this time with a fresh new commercial for it’s national brand equivalent Private Brand Nice! The spot is punctuated by every parents nightmare theme song “chopsticks” and a cacophony of everyday sounds ranging from a kettle whistle to a bell ringing. I am not sure what this says about the brand or its products, but it definitely begs for attention; if for no other reason than to tell your kids to stop banging on the piano.
The spot also features a “call to action” in a $2 coupon at the register with the purchase of $10 worth of Nice! brand products.


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Christopher Durham

Vice President of Retail Brands at Theory House

Christopher Durham is the founder of My Private Brand and the VP of retail brands at Theory House, the branding and retail marketing agency. He is the author of “Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project,” a consultant, strategist and retailer who has worked with the world’s largest retailers to build, manage and grow compelling billion dollar brands.

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  1. mike Jul 29, 2012 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    Go ahead and start a buisness, create jobs in a struggling economy, and provide food to people and a reasonable price then put this company down lol or better yet start a buisness then dont offer deals like 2 bucks for spending 10, yea try running a buisness without “calling for action” lol just hope the wind blows in ur favor. Anyway lol im eating Nice! Beef jerky original flavor and its pretty darn good, i could see myself buying it again.

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