Being Comfortable With Uncomfortable Ideas: Perry is at it again!

Let’s be honest, we have lived the high life over the last couple years, reveling in the greatness of private brands. Sales are up, consumer indicators are up, retailers’ overall enthusiasm for their own brands is up; but there is a self-congratulatory syndrome at play that is dangerous. We have been lulled into a false sense of security. Following up on his provocative three part series from this site, United* strategic partner Perry Seelert will talk about Being Comfortable With Uncomfortable Ideas at the PLBuyer Conference June 5-7 in Chicago.
United* is a leading authority in retail branding, with partnerships in five classes of trade, all focused on dramatically improving their clients’ private brand programs, and in this presentation they will pull no punches. They will offer a bold and unique critique of the industry, and suggest that it is good thing to feel uncomfortable with the industry’s branding progress. The capstone will be their five top marketing initiatives and recommendations for taking your program (and the industry) to the next level.
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