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Christopher Durham Mar 5, 2012 0

The groundbreaking Private Brand from British Walmart subsidiary Asda, George has found that shoppers are turning to the ‘lipstick effect’ to lift their mood and are buying great value bright colored clothing, with colored womens jeans counting for over a third of all denim sales. This should come as no surprise to American readers as Target and a number of other retailers have recently introduced advertising and products that feature brighter color palettes

With a tough economy and families £9 per week worse off, a survey of 2,000 customers reveals they are buying low-cost colorful items to cheer themselves up.

Almost three quarters of shoppers are spending up to £20 on colorful clothes to lift their wardrobes and their spirits; and 50% of women are spending their pennies on red clothes to lift their mood and boost their confidence.

For 72%, confidence goes hand in hand with what they’re wearing. Striking red, purple and yellow top the confidence chart, while 88% of under 30s choose sunshine yellow to make their statement. Over 50s prefer to keep it simple with a cool blue (68%).

More than 70% of men have admitted that a lady in red will always turn their head, and celebrities also love the color with the Middletons and Victoria Beckham spotted out and about in red recently. New girl group on the block and bright color champions Little Mix are inspiring teens of a similar age too with George reporting that the colored denim offering has amounted to 82% of all denim sales across George’ G21 range recently.

In response, George has launched a new range of affordable Private Brand colored denim as part of its latest Be Seen In range, in store and online, including a variety of mood-lifting colors which won’t break the bank.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director commented: “In challenging times people purchase bright colors across both fashion and beauty to lift their spirits. Customers have told us they want to be bold and steer away from the “safe” option of black, and have been looking at affordable ways to lift their moods by buying colored items.

“Colored denim is right on trend and we have seen increasing sales due to high profile celebrity color wearers such as Victoria Beckham and the Middletons. We predict this range will fly off the shelves as customers choose to express their personalities and feelings through what they wear.”

The retailer is also inviting consumers to tell them which color they prefer and enter to win a pair of the new jeans.


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Christopher Durham

Vice President of Retail Brands at Theory House

Christopher Durham is the founder of My Private Brand and the VP of retail brands at Theory House, the branding and retail marketing agency. He is the author of “Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project,” a consultant, strategist and retailer who has worked with the world’s largest retailers to build, manage and grow compelling billion dollar brands.

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