Rite Aid Introduces Thrifty Greek-style Nonfat Frozen Yogurts

Californians can now pick up Rite Aid’s award-winning Private Brand Thrifty Ice Cream in six new flavors including two Greek-style nonfat frozen yogurts. Thrifty is one of the first ice cream brands to convert the trendy Greek-style yogurt into a sweeter, frozen variety.

As a beloved Californian brand, Thrifty Ice Cream has been winning gold medals at the Los Angeles county fair every year since 1952. All Thrifty Ice Cream is made with Real California Milk, and many of the ice cream recipes have remained the same for 50 years. The Thrifty Ice Cream tradition began in 1940, when the first production plant opened in Hollywood, Calif. In 1976, the plant relocated to El Monte, Calif., where it remains.