Private Brand Sweet Dreams At Bi-Lo

Regular readers may remember that I grew up in Greenville, SC or more specifically a suburb of Greenville, Mauldin. My parent’s home was a little more than a mile from the BI-LO headquarters so of course my mom was a loyal BI-LO shopper. Things just got a little sweeter at my childhood grocery store thanks to the introduction of the company’s new Private Brand line of premium quality, all-natural Sweet Dreams ice cream.

In stores for ice cream lovers Tuesday, February 14, the line features 15 delectable and mouth-watering flavors at an everyday low price that provides the value smart shoppers have come to expect from BI-LO.

Inspired to provide a crave-fulfilling creamy treat for every palate, BI-LO’s Sweet Dreams ice creams are made with all-natural milk, cream and sugar ─ no artificial flavors or preservatives to get in the way of their rich, satisfying indulgence.  Available in 48 oz. cartons for $4.99 the 15 flavor varieties include:

  • Orchard Cherry, made with succulent red cherries
  • American Neapolitan, satisfying multiple cravings in each bite with cocoa, strawberries and natural vanilla flavor
  • Dairy Farm Vanilla, made with natural vanilla flavor for those that like a pure and simple taste
  • Southern Peach, filled with mouth-watering peaches and natural flavoring
  • Cookies & Cream, makes everyone feel like a kid with the delicious blend of cookies and vanilla
  • Strawberry Patch, created with hot summer days in mind with fresh, sweet strawberries
  • French Quarter Praline, made with an intoxicating blend of caramel swirls and praline pecans
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, for the chocoholic who just can’t get enough of flavors like cocoa and natural white chocolate
  • Back Porch Butter Pecan, a staple American classic with simple mixtures of pecans, butter and natural vanilla flavor
  • Truly Chocolate, made with good, old-fashioned cocoa
  • Vanilla Fudge Swirl, creating a sundae in every spoonful with fudge swirls and vanilla flavor
  • Milk Chocolate, a creamy blend of rich cocoa and smooth vanilla
  • Cool Mint Chip, features an icy, fresh mixture of crisp chocolate chips and natural mint flavor
  • Coffee Shoppe, brings the decadence and delight of a cup of coffee in a creamy, frozen blend
  • Ooo La La French Vanilla, spruces up natural vanilla flavor with egg yolks for extra richness

And if the 15 flavor varieties aren’t enough, BI-LO will also launch fresh seasonal blends in the summer and fall months for additional enjoyment.

“Given that Americans consume more ice cream than anyone else in the world, we at BI-LO decided it was time to make a mark in the category by developing our own delicious, high-quality product at a price everyone can afford,” said James Allen, category manager of frozen food and main meals at BI-LO.  “We have worked for several months to create the perfect Sweet Dreams blends and flavors that any ice cream aficionado will appreciate and love.”

The new desserts are gluten free and contain zero trans fats.  Additionally, each serving of Sweet Dreams ice cream only contains between 120 and 180 calories, 11 grams or less of fat and no more than 18 grams of sugar.

BI-LO’s Sweet Dreams ice cream is part of a full range of Private Brand frozen treats including premium ice cream brands, novelties, frozen yogurt, sherbets and sorbets, plus its own everyday value brands Southern Home and Clear Value.