Safeway Introduces Tasty, Fun Kids Snack

Pleasanton, California based grocer Safeway often features it’s Private Brands in its official blog, “Today at Safeway”, this past week blogger Kate-Mom wrote a post introducing readers to a new Safeway squeezable applesauce:

Keeping school lunches interesting for the girls sometimes requires some “out of the box” thinking. The same foods that they “love” one week are suddenly out of favor the next. Applesauce cups are the latest example, a sure thing when I run out of fresh fruit late in the week, but then I noticed they were coming home uneaten. When I asked the girls the excuses were flimsy so I decided to try one of our new squeeze pouches – and they love it! A little more expensive per serving than the cups but worth it as the kids look forward to their lunches again.