“Gall & Gall” Private Brand From The Neatherlands

The shear number of retailers, of significant size, in the world never ceases to amaze me, yet it is always exciting to discover another make great strides in Private Brands. Gall & Gall is part of the Ahold family and is the major wine and liquor retailer in the Netherlands. With over 540 stores throughout the Netherlands, Gall & Gall is market leader. The company was founded in 1884 by a widow using her husband’s name – H.J.T. Gall. He had died young, prompting her to start a business that would provide a steady income as she grew older. The Widow Gall proved to be a successful entrepreneur and spent many years successfully building the business with a sharp focus on what her customers wanted.

The Neatherlands based brand and design firm Millford Brand-id has worked with Gall & Gall  since developing their repositioning and corresponding brand and logo in 2009. After the successful repositioning, Gall & Gall decided in 2011 to develop a Private Brand. The range of 43 products across all categories has recently been introduced.

Millford Brand-id was asked to develop a Private Brand that reinforced and complimented the new retail brand positioning. The design will be carried in all categories: from wines to liquors and whiskeys.

The resulting design is visually compelling and easily recognizable throughout the store. It keeps its strong identity while adjusting to the variety of bottle shapes and category codes.

The brand completes the set of consumer touch points of the Gall & Gall brand and fulfills a crucial role in the extension of the retail brand into the lives of consumers.