The Duane Reader – “Nice!”

This month’s edition of the iconic New York drugstore, now Walgreens owned Duane Reade’s shopper magazine “The Duane Reader” focuses twenty pages of wit and wisdom primarily on Private Brand. New York based branding agency CBX presents a publication that uniquely represents both the Duane Reade brand and their Private Brands. Although there is a smattering of national brands represented the bulk of the publication is devoted to Private Brand including the launch of “Nice!” new product launches from “Good & Delish”, “Apt 5” cleaning and household products and DR branded health and beauty products.

The “Duane Reader” is a smart New York evolution of Loblaw “President’s Choice Insider’s Report” and its inspiration the Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” which was named the “Insider’s Report” until 1985.

How will you engage your shoppers in your Private Brands?

How will you leverage print social media to grow loyalty and introduce new and innovative products to create repeat customers?