Walmart Redesigns Great Value Kids Cereal

The old Great Value Design On Left - New on Right

After the redesign and re-launch of Walmart mega Private Brand “Great Value” close to two years ago the Bentonville giant continues to evolve package design and overall architecture. The most recent iteration comes in the children’s cereal category, where the new design follows earlier artificial sweetener packaging and minimizes the Great Value mark, making it smaller and shifting it to the top right hand corner of the box. With the shift of the logo the product name moves to center stage and adopts a dynamic, design that feels comfortable in the category. The predominant white becomes milk flowing from the top of the box into a large, cropped bowl of cereal.

The evolution of the brand to include category relevant architecture and design is an exciting move that gives Walmart the opportunity to build a “Great” brand that trades its oppressive and monolithic language and architecture for a consumer relevant yet cohesive brand experience.