Fresh & Easy Launches Imported Italian Private Brand Pasta

Christopher Durham Oct 17, 2011 0

Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market recently commissioned design consultancy P&W to design a range of premium Private Brand imported Italian pasta the new line includes 6 pastas in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

The authentic Italian range is made from 100% semolina, from a 50-year-old traditional family recipe for a truly rich authentic flavor. The pasta shapes are authenticated with their Italian name and number, the number denotes the unique shape and represents the die number used to cut the pasta. Each pasta bag has a map of Italy with the region that the shape originates from, ie Farfalle meaning butterflies is native to Northern Italy and in the US is commonly named bow ties.

Provenance cues are delivered through the design with the ‘Italian’ branding and call out ‘specially sourced from Verolanuova, Italy’. A suggestion of the most suitable sauce type for each shape helps the customer to pick the right shape for the right recipe.

The use of black packaging signals premium and the metallic silver adds a contemporary feel while the vibrant typography color highlights each product SKU and simplifies shopping. The clear packaging shows off the elegant pasta shapes and adds a point of differentiation.

“Our design works hard to inform customers about the authenticity and origin of these imported pastas. Through effective use of the entire pack, we share the details of how a die is used to ‘cut’ each pasta shape and use these die numbers as an effective design element. An illustration on the back highlights which pasta originates from which particular region of Italy. Continuing the theme of information, we guide the customer as to which shape pairs well with which type of sauces and highlight the authenticity ‘of a traditional 50-year-old family recipe’ being used to formulate these products”


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