Exclusive First Look At the Pentaward Winners: Platinum, Gold & Silver

This year I am proud to partner with the Pentawards to not only publicize the international package design competition but to bring My Private Brand readers an exclusive first look at the Private Brand winners. This post will appear minutes after Jean Jacques Evrard presents the winners with their award at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, NYC. I was scheduled to present the awards with Jean Jacques however the gods of weather conspired against me and kept me grounded inc Charlotte, NC.

The Pentawards are the first and largest international package design awards devoted to packaging design in all its forms. The winners receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.

Packaging design from the world over created or introduced that year are judged by a prestigious international jury including:

By participating in Pentawards, packaging designers, brand owners and packaging suppliers have the opportunity of comparing their creations with others from all over the world, and have the possibility of winning a prestigious award which will allow them to demonstrate their creativity and expertise.

The purpose of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass market to luxury. This is why there are 5 large categories (Beverages – Food – Body – Other markets – Luxury) encompassing over 40 sub-categories.  Thus, shampoo packaging will not compete against perfume, and a soft drink bottle will not be compared with a mineral water.  Consumer products will not be compared to luxury products. Private Brands are represented in each of the 5 main categories.

The Pentawards winners of the last 2 years are published in a 432 pages volume “The Package Design Book” by a publisher TASCHEN and the winners of 2011 and 2012 will be published in a new volume in October 2012.

To see all the winners visit the Pentawards.

I am proud to present this exclusive first look at the Private Brand winners:

Private label, Private Brand, Store BrandPLATINUM PENTAWARD 2011
Retailer: Morrisons
Laundry Care
Best of the Category OTHER MARKETS
Agency: Stocks Taylor Benson

A range of private label Laundry Care packaging for Morrisons, a UK based supermarket. The design covers a wide range of products and packaging formats from powders to liquids.

The Brief Laundry care is a complex segment. With a huge array of product types and product formats, the key to solving the brief was to clarify and simplify on pack messaging and create shelf standout for consumers. The various product types (e.g. Bio, Non Bio, 2 in 1s and Colours) and their benefits are the key messages. The Creative Solution focuses on a simple, strong design concept that mimics fabric care labels found on clothing. This ties the complete range together and still allows for the important differences between product type and format to be clearly identified.

Secondary messages, such as number of washes and washing temperatures, are displayed as icons done in the style of washing instructions found on clothing labels. In a world populated all too often with copycat design when it comes to private label packaging, the goal was to break convention and create category busting designs that will clean up against the competition.


Retailer: Roundy’s
Agency: equator

In 2010, Milwaukee-based Roundy’s opened it’s flagship store, Mariano’s Fresh Market, in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, IL. Plans included an in-store café selling authentic Italian gelato and coffee, with the potential to expand into other areas of the store.

The agency was appointed to develop the entire identity for the café – starting with the brand name itself, then graphics, which needed to be flexible enough to extend across the café environment, staff uniforms, printed materials and packaging.

The agency chose the name “Vero”, meaning “true” in Italian, to define a brand that symbolizes the “True taste of Italy”. The logo, formed in the shape of a heart to characterize the passion behind the brand, is bold and memorable. Used in conjunction with nostalgic black and white photography, the result is flexible, sophisticated and playful, with a strong shelf presence that captures the true romance of Italy.


Retailer: ICA
Dairy products free from lactose
Agency: Designkontoret Silver

ICA Dairy products free from lactose
Suffering intolerance to lactose shouldn’t be a bore. When Swedish retailer ICA asked us to design their new range of dairy products “free from lactose” the key insight was that lactose free products, in general, looked more medical than other dairy products. We decided to stand out in the shelf with an inspirational packaging design influenced by the playful graphics found on traditional Swedish milk cartons. A “Free from” symbol was developed together with a system to help consumers find products suitable for their food allergies. The symbol will be used not only for lactose free products, but also for products free from gluten and other allergens.


Retailer: Safeway
Category: BODY
Agency: Pearlfisher

The agency created the brand identity for a new line of personal care products due to launch in Safeway and then into other retail outlets across the US. The entire range consists of haircare, styling, body care and face care products.

To create a distinctive and emotionally resonant brand identity for a new line of personal care products from Safeway, positioning them as innovators and knowledgeable experts that understand the needs of their consumers.  The new line reframes the category as a necessity, not an indulgence, for men and women who pride themselves in their roles as nurturers and caretakers.  Based around the concept of reciprocity, Safeway’s new In-Kind line seeks to help the consumer take good care of themselves so, in turn, they can take care of others. The beautiful color palate of vibrant, natural and engaging tones reflects the generous, inspiring and passionate spirit of the new range.  Echoing the natural sentiment of the graphics, the custom structural design plays with the organic and ergonomic elements to create a truly unique brand.


Retailer: Victoria’s Secrets
VS Attractions
Category: BODY
Agency: Victoria’s Secret Beauty

VS Attractions: Inspire desire with the power of scent! VS Attractions is truly irresistible body care specially formulated to tempt, excite and ignite that spark of allure.

Strategy/Objectives of the design: Create a body care brand inspired by the core VS equity of animal print.
Position as body care that feels like an everyday luxury. Fill emotional white space within our store that projects sexier, bolder, modern and young target groups.


Retailer: Waitrose Regional Pizzas
Category: FOOD
Agency: Turner Duckworth

Italian food is famous for simple combinations and fresh ingredients and what is considered more Italian than pizza?  We were asked by Waitrose to redesign their top-tier pizza range, redeveloped for launch in 2010 using regional ingredients and traditional combinations sourced from and inspired by five Italian regions.

The design solution uses still-life photography in conjunction with evocative pack copy, to hero the authenticity and provenance of the key ingredients sourced for each pizza.  Set against a muted color palette and pizza slice shaped window, developed specifically, the final design re-enforces the range’s top-tier credentials as well as a slice of true Italy!


Retailer: Jumbo
Baby nutrition
Category: FOOD
Agency: OD
The Netherlands
Baby nutrition.

The agency developed for Jumbo Supermarkets a complete range of baby-nutrition. The idea is based on a typical icon: the bib. All products are communicated with a own bib. The photorealistic illustrations are made by Tummy (creds. Shop Around) and bring in tenderness and structure. Everything is kept soft and gentle. The rabbit play’s the role of a running gag and supports the character of the products. Such a execution of design is new to private label.


Retailer: Safeway
The Snack Artist
Category: FOOD
Agency: Anthem Worldwide, San Francisco Office

Brief description:
Packaging for private label salty snack line of products to compete against the national brand competitors Lays, Ruffles, Mission Tortilla Chips etc.

Anthem’s creative team understood that competing with individual national brands, product-type-by-product-type, wasn’t viable. The team’s strategic approach was to instead create one snack food “power brand” that encompasses all categories, and brand-block it so shoppers can’t help but notice it on their way down the aisle.

Inspired by the fun of the products themselves, we created a line to compete with the big brand players, and a mysterious snacking aficionado—The Snack Artist—was born. Inspired by shapes and flavors, The Snack Artist embellishes each chip and cheese puff into a front panel masterpiece. A common background color across all categories becomes his canvas, with product art that is slightly tongue-in-cheek but always light-hearted. The design keeps a consistent voice, even when highlighting the packs’ resealability, a unique feature in the category.

The color consistency, strong product hit, and brand-blocked merchandising create phenomenal stopping power that could not have been achieved with a conventional product-by-product approach. The Snack Artist launched in Q3 2010 and has already exceeded aggressive launch expectations.


Retailer: The Deli Garage
Lolly Tools
Category: LUXURY
Agency: Kolle Rebbe / KOREFE

The Deli Garage Lolly Tools
Lolly Tools are lollypops in six different flavors shaped like screwdrivers and packaged in a leather tool bag. The screwdriver look changes the way you look at the lolly. In this case the handle isn’t the stick, but the actual lolly confectionery.

By reversing the normal lollipop form, screwdrivers are turned into lollipops. The edible part is turned into a handle, the tip into a lollipop stick. The Lollitool is packaged in a classic tool bag made of leather and is only available in a limited edition.

“The Deli Garage” food label’s range was to be expanded to include lollipops, packaged using the label’s typical form and aesthetic that borrows from garage and workshop products.



Retailer: Panpuri
Panpuri Signature Home Ambiance Collection
Category: LUXURY
Agency: Puri Company Limited

Panpuri Signature Home Ambiance Collection – a range of six signature scents designed to evoke a nostalgic reminiscence of memorable journeys and childhood memories – is both exquisite and distinctive in its visual appearance, with the embossed peacock in the hand-blown vintage glass, which symbolizes grace, pride, beauty and immortality of The Eastern world; and presented in luxurious, hand made gift boxes made with chlorine-free paper, soy-ink printing, biodegradable and eco-friendly material to ensure perfection without harming the environment. Glassware decals and two shades hot stamping techniques were used to engrave Eastern-inspired vintage graphics, delivering an unrevealed piece of art.


Retailer: Waitrose
Duchy Originals from Waitrose
Category: LUXURY
Agency: Lewis Moberly

Duchy Originals and Waitrose share a belief in the value of British organic food, grown and produced sustainably.

The design brief was to:

  • create a new brand marque for Duchy Originals and then unite it with Waitrose
  • communicate to consumers why a partnership between them was a productive one
  • create a premium, strong, consistent visual identity across diverse packaging
  • showcase the products where appropriate
  • communicate the organic nature of the products

The new brand identity ‘Duchy Originals from Waitrose’ incorporates the Duchy Originals shield, which in turn also appears debossed on the lead biscuit products.

The line ‘A partnership preserving our heritage’ endorses the identity, describing the raison d’être of the brand and the pioneering relationship between Waitrose and Duchy Originals to the consumer.

The range adopts a neutral ‘stone’ color with touches of white, inspired by the colors of the Cotswolds. The packs show the products to best advantage, adopting a bespoke shield-shaped window through which products are revealed where appropriate.


 To see the Bronze Award Winners

To see all the winners visit the Pentawards.

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