The Private Brand Movement Kicks off with Paco Underhill

The first keynote of the 2011 Packaging Trends and Innovation Summit of the Private Brand Movement Conference kicked off with an eye opening presentation, “Packaging and Selling in the 21st Century” from Paco Underhill. Paco is the founder and CEO of Envirosell and best-selling author of Why We Buy: the Science of Shopping.
He put forth the following Five Rules or questions:

  1. How often is it bought
    People shop differently based on how often they buy a product?
  2. Facilitate Sale
    At three different levels: Billboard – 30ft, Arms Length – 2-3 meters and Arms Reach
  3. Context – Rectangles
    Most stores are polluted with 90 degree angles – a cacophony of color and monotony of shape
    Break up the monotony of shapes, box after box after box after box
  4. Functionality first. Pretty Second.
    This is not an art project anymore.
    The Real Competition is ourselves

Finally he put this challenge to those in the room.
“We are at a point in the evolution of Private Brands that it is time that we wagged the dog.”