HEB Launches Orchid Private Brand Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

San Antonio based grocer H-E-B introduced HEB Orchid a new Private Brand line of moisturizing hand soaps and sanitizers with a promotion inviting customers to save $1 on two of products vi. The promotion is part of the “H-E-B beauty pick of the month,” and is formulated to leave hands soft and lightly scented. What’s more, the hand sanitizers kill up to 99.99 percent of germs.

According to the HEB website:

The Scoop: Pamper yourself with Orchid moisturizing hand soaps and sanitizers.
They’re formulated to leave hands soft and lightly scented with exotic fragrances like Vanilla Cream & Apple Blossom, Jasmine Tea & Basil or White Lavender & Mint. Even lovelier, the hand sanitizers kill up to 99.99% of germs for a beautiful way to keep clean.

Hand Soaps (8 oz.)

  • Deep Cleansing Jasmine Tea & Basil
  • Deep Cleansing Cactus Flower & Mango
  • Moisturizing White Lavender & Mint
  • Moisturizing Vanilla Cream & Apple Blossom
  • Gentle Foaming White Lavender & Mint
  • Gentle Foaming Cactus Flower & Mango

Hand Sanitizers (2 oz. & 8 oz.)

  • Vanilla Cream & Apple Blossom
  • Jasmine Tea & Basil

Reviews from the H-E-B Beauty Panel:
“The scent combinations of the Orchid line are amazing! My absolute favorite is the Jasmine Tea & Basil. It’s refreshing without being overpowering. I used the foam soap for my kids. It makes hand-washing more fun for them. I kept the 2 oz. hand sanitizer in my purse, which I found myself using more often since I had it handy. BONUS, my hands were clean AND they smelled awesome!” –Julie, Advertising Account Manager

“I have become a religious user of the Jasmine Tea & Basil hand sanitizer. The scent is very unique and leaves your hands feeling clean without smelling like a candy shop. I offer it up to my friends and they are instantly hooked. I recently ran out of this and had to use backup of a similar ‘Bath & Body’ product. The Orchid scent is very sophisticated and the price/size are more realistic for multiple uses. Seriously, the Jasmine Tea & Basil scent is my favorite! I want it in a candle and body lotion.” –Stacey, H-E-B Beauty Buyer

“I’m one of those people who needs to use hand lotion after every time I wash my hands. Lots of soaps dry out my skin. Orchid Hand Soaps and Sanitizers were different. My hands felt clean and moisturized. I really loved the Cactus Flower & Mango bead soap. It was a light exfoliate and massage for my hands every time I washed. I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I can get fancy foaming hand soap without a trip to the mall.” –Jenina, heb.com Associate Editor

“I really like the Orchid hand soaps, they leave your hands clean, soft and moisturized—No need for lotion afterwards. I tried the Jasmine Tea & Basil and the Cactus Flower & Mango, both smell great without being heavily perfumed. The hand sanitizer is the perfect size for carrying in a purse and convenient to use when soap and water aren’t available. It dries fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a filmy residue.” –Nicole, heb.com Content Administrator

“I tried the Orchid Vanilla Cream & Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer. The smell was a little sweet for my taste, but I passed it out at a high school camping retreat and never got it back. It was the girls’ favorite, and the bottle was quickly empty. The Cactus Flower & Mango Hand Soap, however, I love. It’s such a unique scent—and definitely not overpowering or girly for the man in the household.” –Sarah, heb.com Senior Editor

“The hand sanitizer was AHHHHmazing! It was the perfect consistency. It was not to wet or runny, it was easily absorbed. The fragrance was great; you did not receive the alcohol smell after the application. I actually found myself smelling my hands and not wiping them off on a towel. The foaming hand soap was light and airy, one pump was the perfect amount to wash.” –Kelley, H-E-B Beauty Buyer

“Orchid Cactus Flower & Mango Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – Love it! The soap had a pleasant scent and left my hands feeling soft and moisturized. Orchid Jasmine Tea & Basil Deep Cleansing Hand Soap – I didn’t read the entire label, so I was a little surprised by the “exfoliating” quality of the soap. While I liked it…not really sure how much exfoliating was achieved. The moisturizing soap (Vanilla Cream and Apple Blossom) is fantastic. Orchid Vanilla Cream & Apple Blossom Hand Sanitizer – Not the biggest fan of this one. I thought the scent was overpowering and lingered too long. I was concerned the scent would complete with my perfume.” –Judi, H-E-B Beauty Buyer


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