Fresh & Easy Launches Organic Maple Syrup

fresh&easy announced the introduction of its news Private Brand product in its official blog talking fresh&easy, the  Organic 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. And they mean it there is no artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No high fructose corn syrup.

According to the blog: The wild-crafted maple syrup is made by the Marvin family at Butternut Mountain Farm in Vermont. The process is quite simple; sap is gathered from wild grown maple trees and the water is boiled off. From there, the syrup is bottled and sent along to our stores for you to enjoy!

The flavor is bright and rich and it isn’t just for breakfast. Grab a bottle for just $5.99 for 12 fl oz until Tuesday…

The Butternut Mountain Farm spans several generations: Ira Marvin, son of Founder David Marvin, manages the Farm operations. The Farm’s land was originally purchased by David’s father, Prof. James Wallace Marvin (picture below), PhD in 1953. Dr. Marvin dedicated his research career to understanding the mechanism of sap flow of sugar maple trees. His research led to the understanding of how to make harvesting systems now commonly used in the maple production.