Introducing The Private Brand Potluck at Shoprite

Here is the official press release from Shoprite on their intriguing blogger Community, I am a big fan of this direct engagement with customers, it has the potential to bring a level of authenticity and helpfulness that retailers dream about.

Grocer ShopRite is giving new meaning to the word “Potluck” with the introduction of their first-ever blog panel, Potluck…Everyone Brings Something to the Table. Potluck, an online blog launched on, is a community of writers who will post recipes, reviews and cooking demonstrations using ShopRite Private Label products.

ShopRite’s Potluck panelists share a passion for food and are eager to share their opinions on ShopRite private label products with their online communities. The panelists are located in each of ShopRite’s trading areas – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware.

“Potluck is a first for ShopRite and we are extremely excited to have this group share their perspectives on new products, food, cooking and shopping with our customers,” said Karen Meleta, ShopRite spokesperson. “Our Potluck panelists are a fantastic group of individuals, each with their own voice and unique point of view. It’s wonderful to see their enthusiasm for being part of our panel.”

Each month the Potluck panelists will sample a selection of products from ShopRite’s Kosher, Auténtíco, Organic, Specialty Imported or Private Label collections so that they can create their own recipes or share something new with their readers. .

The Potluck panelists will be invited to attend exclusive events, such as the ShopRite-sponsored Grand Tasting at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, the ShopRite LPGA Classic, new store openings, and community events hosted by ShopRite.

The Potluck panelists will share their unique voices and genuine approaches with posts on the Potluck blog, including their opinions on ShopRite private label products, original recipes, tips and their experiences at exclusive Potluck events.

For more information on Potluck and the panelists, please visit:

Meet the Potluck panelists:

Anne Coleman is from Pennsylvania and shops at the ShopRite of Greenwich in Phillipsburg, NJ. As part of the panel, Anne is excited to integrate ShopRite products into her daily life and sharing it with others. Her goal is to convert readers to use ShopRite products and is looking forward to her first convert.

Brandy Claubaugh is from New York and shops at the ShopRite of Poughkeepsie. As part of the panel, Brandy is excited to try new products, meet the other panelists at events and learn more about the ShopRite organization.

Courtney Hutson is from Connecticut and shops at the ShopRite of Shelton. Courtney is excited to try and to learn about ShopRite products. Courtney hopes to share these experiences to encourage readers to step out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Sasha Coffiner is from New York and shops at the ShopRite of Brooklyn. Being part of the panel, Sasha is excited to try ShopRite’s vast array of private label products and using them in original and delicious recipes. Sasha is also thrilled to share her experience in the kitchen and at premier culinary events with readers.

Deborah Smith is from New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Wall. As a member of the panel, Deborah is excited to try ShopRite’s extensive line of private label food products, offer giveaways to her readers, as well as, attend culinary and in-store events at her hometown store.

Valerie Gray is from New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Brick. Valerie is most excited about developing a relationship with ShopRite and providing them with firsthand consumer insight and feedback.

Jessica Keipper is from New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Sicklerville. Jessica is excited for the opportunity to learn more about the ShopRite brand and create recipes using ShopRite private label products.

Keeley Powell is from Delaware and shops at the ShopRite of Newark. Being part of the panel, Keeley is interested in connecting with people in her community who shop at the ShopRite of Delaware, connecting with customers all over the region through blog posts and, of course, trying new foods and recipes.

Lois Heyman is from New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Clinton. As part of the panel, Lois is excited to try and to write about new specialty private label items that she may have overlooked in the store.

Emily Malloy is from Pennsylvania and shops at the ShopRite of Roxborough. Emily is excited by the opportunity to share her passion for food with others while promoting great products that might fall under the radar.

Kayris Wall is from Maryland and shops at the ShopRite of Glen Burnie. Kayris is looking forward to experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and is always on the lookout for tips and techniques that help her provide wholesome, healthy, great tasting food to her family.

Patsy Kreitman is from New Jersey and shops at the ShopRite of Parsippany. Patsy is most excited to try new products from ShopRite’s own brand and finding family-friendly ways to use these products. Patsy believes cooking at home and sharing meals with your family is a great way to build long-lasting memories, while teaching kids how to eat healthy.

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