Customers Demand More World Table from Walmart

In November of this past year I wrote a post titled simply, A Closer Look At Walmart’s World Table the response to that post over the last four months has been overwhelming, it consistently ranks in the top five posts on a daily basis and has received more than 25 comments. The brand that Walmart officials have called a test has uniformly been applauded not by industry pundits or talking heads but by customers, that’s right customers. I have republished their comments below – read them… this is an industry blog yet customers have sought out a place to talk about World Table. You will discover a few issues: out of stocks and some damaged packaging, but more importantly you will discover customers love the brand and the products.

The message to Walmart seems fairly simple here:

  • You did not over penetrate your assortment with private brand you over extended Great Value.
  • Give customers great products in a great brand and they will love you for it.
  • A well rounded and diverse portfolio of Private Brands is necessary to fulfill your customers needs.

marsha bloom garber says: The offerings seem to be uniformly excellent with the Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed Potato chips topping the list!! The salsas, cookies and snack mixes provide more healthful options with great flavor and variety. Go World Table!!

Wally says: Just tried the World Table Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella. Surprisingly good! The extra circles of mozzarella cheese is a definite upgrade and the pepperoni was excellent. So was the sauce. The end crust would actually fall apart in my mouth! A first for me from a frozen pizza.

Kay says: My husband and I finally agree on what frozen pizza to get. The World Table Philly Steak! The best pizza ever. Too bad our Wal-Mart always runs out and never keeps enough on hand. Quite frustrating. They never know if or when they will get more…additional frustration.

Kimberly says: I love the World Table brand. The Spiced Sweet Potato Chips rock and I’ve loved all the crackers I’ve tried so far…Jalapeno Cheddar Crackers, Honey Flax Crackers, Black Pepper and Sea Salt Crostini Crackers. The biscotti’s are excellent as well as the Spiced Chai and the thin sugar cookies. All super yummy and my food snob friends have changed their ways as well. I’m so happy to be able to get these great food items at my local Walmart.

J. Goodwin says: I just purchased the exotic potato chip blend chips and I love them! They’re different and better for you…. A guilt free snack.

Katherine Shone says: We were just at WalMart’s and tried to find the World Table Berry Crackers, but didn’t see them in the cracker aisle at all. Really like them, but can’t find them! Kay

Darleen says: I love the World Table Cheese bites but can’t find them much. We have been to 5 Walmart’s in this area and only 1 had them. They are awesome!!

Daryll says: The World Table Roasted Salsa Verde was the best tomatillo green salsa I have ever tasted. Hands down.

marie says: This brand has been so very good. We are wild about the Nutty Blend Caramel Clusters (I’ve always hated caramel corn and this stuff is amazing) and the Exotic Potato Chip Blend is outstanding. I’m surprised that Walmart has not done more to call attention to these but I guess I’m also a little happy as: 1. I like to be the first to bring a new snack home (and to work); and 2. When something like this becomes popular, the stores seem to run out.

This is really good stuff and I will be trying more World Table products.

Janelle says: I had no idea that these were Walmart brand items. My husband & I purchased the pepperoni & mozzorella pizza, as well as the Buffalo chicken pizza…. All I can say is DELICIOUS!!! Never woulda guessed this as anything but an upscale brand. I also picked up the sweet heat salsa. A little sweeter than I was expecting but definitely had a unique flavor. I am looking forward to trying the other salsas’, as well as the chips I saw. I was so impressed by the pizzas that we have purchased 6 in the last 2 weeks; we are a 5-person family so we eat 2 pizzas at a time. Add some fried cheese sticks & we’ve got dinner for 5 under $10!! I am super excited to try other World Trade items!

Teresa says: I am shocked that these are Walmart brand pizzas. I wonder why the Walmart grocery store does not carry them in that case. I actually crave the philly pizza. It is by far the best store bought pizza I have ever had. Definitely worth trying, then you will be hooked. Haha! I will be trying the other kinds now based on your other comments.

Kathy says: Teresa….. Ditto on craving the Philly Cheese Pizza, it is the very BEST!!!!! I made a special trip to Walmart to stock up twice and they have been out both times… I sure wish they would keep up with demand!

Danai says: I wasn’t crazy about the philly pizza but will certainly have to look for the pepperoni, that sounds wonderful. Eating the sweet heat salsa right now and love it! I really enjoy fruit salsas and this is a very good one. Looking forward to trying more of this line.

Judee says: I just tried the World Table exotic potato chip blend. They taste marvelous and they are beautiful. I also love World Table garlic rice thins. I did not know this “brand” is Walmart’s. I am very impressed. I will try all…

Claudia says: I just have to say that this past week I tried the Praline Pecans and then went to Walmart tonight and saw that World Table made other foods. OMG the Lemon cookies are awesome and we can’t wait to try the berry crackers and the philly cheese steak pizza. We went around the whole store trying to find everything that World Table made. I am very pleased. Thanks a bunch. Very affordable…..

Kathy says: Can’t get enough of the World Table Philly Cheese Pizza! My husband loves it also and he normally hates frozen pizza’s, this is now a staple in our home. Can’t wait to go to Walmart and check out all of the other World Table products. I really wasn’t aware there was so many until Isaw this article.


Kathleen Stuart says: I really like world table crackers. They come in a very sturdy box, yet when I opened them they were all crushed inside. This leads me to believe that they were put in the box in that condition.

Comedy says: World Table Sicilian pizza is the god-mode of pizzas.

RickH says: Another enthusiastic vote for World Table’s Ultimate Sicilian – FINALLY, someone has done frozen pizza right. We, too, loved the Philly Cheesesteak but the Ultimate Sicilian was unbelievably good – I’ve never had a frozen pizza that tastes near as good.

Ron says: Really love this brand. It was a smart move for Wal Mart. The Great Value brand is something that many go to for mainly because of the price, not the actual product. But this new World Table is pretty reasonable where price is concerned and of course as others have stated the actual products taste very good as well.

Harry Strong says: What’s happening to World Table items?? They seem to be disappearing from store shelves and not replenished. I got hooked on Cherry Oatmeal Nut cookies, but can no longer find them. Does anybody know what’s happening to World Table items?

Emily Pike says: I am eating the World Table Fiesta Barbeque Pizza and have to say it is one of the tastiest frozen pizzas I have had in a really long time..if this is an example of World Table products, I will have to try more of them..and will definitely be getting this delicious pizza!

alie says: I just purchased their Butter Toffee Caramel clusters popcorn…it is so delicious! Never tasted one as good as Worldtable’s!

Deborah Goutermout says: I love the cornbread crackers but our Walmart in Altus OK says its your fault that they run out all the time. They have been out for 2 weeks. I had a gastric by-pass and thats the one thing I can eat, I have problems with almost any other food. Please stock our store!!!!! Thank you. Debbie

mary west says: I, love Worldtable cookies, but cannot find at all walmarts whats happening? i had gotten a cookie with apples and nuts, now cant find. Please let us know why.

David Lindsay says: As someone who likes piazzas but is not keen on the tomato bases the philly cheese is out of this world. Can’t get enough of them -”Philliabulous”

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