Private Brand Coffee Capsules Emerge In Europe

Christopher Durham Feb 6, 2011 0

United Coffee, one of Europe’s largest independent coffee companies, announced the rollout of a premium, espresso coffee capsule system for the Private Brand retail market.

This will enable retailers to enter the capsules market which is growing by an estimated 30% a year, by selling their own capsule solution, taking on established players in the European market. In turn, United Coffee aims to use its expertise to become the leading supplier of single portion capsules across the region.

The system, which produces barista quality espresso, will be targeted at the retail market of leading supermarket chains. In the retail space, the system will enable United Coffee’s retail clients to enhance their product offerings and build stronger customer relationships by selling the machines and capsules with their own branding and different coffee flavours. Customers will also have the convenience of purchasing the capsules during their regular visits to the supermarket.

The fully automatic, Swiss-designed machines have been extensively tested and successfully introduced in Switzerland. The retail roll-out will be directed at United Coffee’s clients in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia. This will enable United Coffee to further strengthen relationships with its core retail customer base.

Per Harkjaer, United Coffee Group CEO commented:

“The market for high-end espresso capsule systems is being fuelled by demand for premium quality coffee and an overall trend towards convenience. We expect United Coffee’s premium espresso capsule system, combined with our strong customer base and experience to have a significant impact on the retail market across Europe.”


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Christopher Durham

Vice President of Retail Brands at Theory House

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