Waitrose Private Brand Jams Win First Place Award

Christopher Durham Apr 19, 2010 0

Another First Place Award for Turner Duckworth in The Dieline Award: Food Category this time for these beautiful Waitrose Private Brand High Fruit Jams

Entrant: Turner Duckworth

Waitrose briefed us to redesign their High Fruit Jams range to coincide with a product reformulation. The result is an uncluttered label which heroes each of the fruits. The images are placed ‘high’ on the label, and with a name like ‘High Fruit’ the message cannot be missed!

Marketing Objectives:
The new Waitrose High Fruit Jams range now contains the highest level of fruit content within the reduced sugar sector of the market.  Our brief was to communicate the deliciously fruity jam to be found in each jar.

See all the WInners.

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