Great Value in Mexico, Olé!


Last week one of my coworkers returned from a week long trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico where he, his daughter worked on a church sponsored project to build houses for the homeless. He emailed me a couple of nice pics of the Spanish interpretation of the redesigned Walmart Great Value in a Walmart owned Bodega Aurrera. The design is singularly consistent with the American version with Spanish replacing the bilingual packaging.

Walmart de Mexico operates approximately 1,232 including: Supercenter: 156, Superama: 68, Sam’s Club:  92 Suburbia:  84, Bodega Aurrera: 472 and VIPS Restaurants: 36

In 2008, Walmart de Mexico invested in a new convenience store format aimed at low-income consumers. The store is called Mi Bodega Express, which is a smaller scale version of Walmart de Mexico’s discount chain Bodega Aurrera. The stores were opened in major Mexican cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana.
According to Walmart’s official website, Walmart de Mexico has announced an unprecedented $11.8 billion peso (approximately $794million usd) investment plan for 2009. This plan will generate more than 14,500 new jobs and 25,000 indirect jobs. They will open 252 new units from its self-services formats (Bodega Aurrera, Walmart and Superama); Sam’s Club and Suburbia apparel stores.

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