Private Brand Cooks In The Amazon!


Over the last few months Amazon has popped up in the news several times with Private Brand related stories, this article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer examines the stories through the lense of Seattle and the local chef Tom Douglas who has a deal with Amazon.  He owns a number of well regarded restaurants in Northwest including: Lola, Palace Kitchen, Dahlia Lounge, Dahlia Bakery, Etta’s and Serius Pie. This is a nice collaboration between Amazon and a local chef/food celebrity.

Amazon launches its own product lines
Cookware by Seattle chef Tom Douglas is latest example

TomDouglas strainerAmazon’s next-generation Kindle reader is hogging most of the company’s press this year, but even the new Kindle can’t flip a fish. For that, you need famous Seattle chef Tom Douglas – or, in his absence, the just-released “Tom Douglas by Pinzon Stainless-Steel Slotted Fish Turner.”

You can only buy it from Amazon. That’s what “by Pinzon” means.

Pinzon is one of four private labels Seattle-based Amazon has been quietly developing over the last half-decade. The new Tom Douglas line, announced last week, is the most visible example of the online retail giant’s selling its own brands right next to other companies’ competing products on the Amazon Web site.

“Amazon’s mission as a whole is to offer customers everything they want online,” said Anya Waring, a company spokesperson. “Our reason for offering private-label brands is to offer our customers great value and quality as well as competitive prices.”

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