Essential Waitrose Private Brand Star!

English grocer Waitrose’s new discount Private Brand ‘Essential Waitrose’s has almost achieved its initial sales goal three months early, the brand now accounts for 13% of sales. The retailer expected sales of the initial 800 products to hit a target of 15% of sales by October.

According to an article from the English trade magazine Marketing Week: Waitrose has reported that the outdoor and direct advertising campaign launched earlier this month has boosted sales beyond expectations.
However, following the launch Waitrose market share grew by 4% in the 12 weeks to May 17 according to TNS Worldpanel grocery market share figures, which was seen by some analysts as an “early vindication of the Essentials range strategy’

A Waitrose spokesperson says it plans to expand its range of ‘everyday cupboard essentials’ to cover 1400 products by the autumn.

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