A&P Features Private Brands.

Christopher Durham Jun 29, 2009 1

AMericas Choice

Not long before the recession’s start, A&P launched a strategy of significantly enhancing the quality of the food in its stores, particularly in departments where it believed it could establish a competitive advantage, and, despite the recession, it isn’t backing off its better edibles stance. This two part article from Bnet interviews Christian Haub, A&P’s executive chairman, with

According to the article:
The one strategy that has been very successful is the sale of private label, our own brands that we have an opportunity to highlight even more so because consumers are looking for that cheaper alternative. We have seen tremendous growth over the past six to 12 months with our own brands.

Part One of Two
Q&A: A&P Chairman Haub Backs Better Food’s Advantages in Recession, Pt. 1Q&A: A&P Chairman Haub Backs Better Food’s Advantages in Recession

Part Two of Two
Q&A: A&P Chairman Haub Backs Better Food’s Advantages, Private Label

I will be the chairperson for the The Private Label Impact Conference in Chicago, October 27-28 which will include a presentation by  Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands, A&P titled “The Changing Face of Retail.”

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  1. apteafan Aug 12, 2009 at 6:16 am - Reply

    Fantastic coverage of Great A&P’s private label brand explosion and renaissance.

    Who else sells a three tier liquid laundry detergent lineup, with Smart Price, America’s Choice and GreenWay?

    This harkens back to A&P at a time when it sold various tiers based on quality, such as Iona, Sultana and Marvel, which were cheaper than Ann Page, Jane Parker and A&P label brands.

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