UP & UP with Target!


After a recent tip from a reader I took a midweek trip to Target, to wander the health and beauty aisles and look for a reportedly unannounced new or relaunched Private Brand hiding in the aisle of my local store. My reader was even kind enough to send a picture…


Here is one image… taken on a blackberry so its not that good… of Up & Up Cotton Squares. Just a taste of what is going on here… notice the phrase “fair and square”.  I guess most if not all of the HBC products will have some sort of “tongue in cheek” type of saying on it… I would expect nothing less from Target.

The picture is intriguing if not a little fuzzy so my quest was to discover if this “Up & Up” brand lived in my local store. And in fact I did discover an assortment of sunscreens, lotions and other HBC items. Overall nice looking packages, competing head to head against better national brands. So is this brand set to fill the role of a better HBC brand living above the Bullseye branded products that live as traditional National Brand Equivalents.

upup-trashbagA Google search later and the question expands from HBC to a whole lot more. Google had surprisingly few related hits, but one baffling one, “Up & Up” branded trash bags at Target. And an intriguing strategy begins to unfold…

Is this the Archer Farms of dry goods, of HBC, of paper products?

Or something uniquely different, the elaborate Target Private Brand portfolio strategy seems to be always in flux, so the true gauge of the evolving strategy will be shelf space and marketing dollars. Stay Tuned.

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